5 Ways to Influence Your Kids To Like Music

  1. Expose them while they are young.

When my children were still young, I exposed them to musical instruments. My daughter liked the piano and my son, the drums.

2  Study together.

As they grew older, we went through music theory classes and some online classes to help them get started.

3. Give assess to resources.

Afterwards, my daughter checked out YouTube videos and started learning new songs on her own. Reading about artists like philip sayce who started his music career while he was a teenager and attending worship services where music is constantly being used  as a means of glorifying God are also important

4. Practice regularly.

Encourage my children to practice regularly to enhance their skill. It also trains their ear to listen to notes and keys.

5. Look for mentors.

Connect them to mentors who will take the time and effort to teach them and help them be better in their field of interest.

New Year, New Opportunities

Every time a new year arrives, it brings new hope to everyone. Giving people a new opportunity to start anew, whether it is to pursue a new dream, new career or new relationship goals. Some would plan to learn something new, like play a musical instrument or learn to sing. It is important to set goals yet it is also important to put action items on each goal to ensure that one will be able to reach their goals. If your goal is to learn to play the guitar, better start checking out the sale items to ensure that you will be able to start playing that instrument you’ve been dreaming to play soon!

Whatever it is you want to do, grab the opportunity that a new year brings!

Print Your Family Photos

Family photos are important mementos to keep. In this modern age, everyone just keeps photos in their computers or mobile gadgets but what happens when these gadgets break down?


Before all memories get forgotten, it is best to make sure that your photos are printed so you can always have something to look back. Here are some suggestions on how to have your family photos printed:

  1. Printed out on a canvass and framed on your wall.
  2. Printed out and stored in an album.
  3. Printed out using different photobook options.

Make sure to schedule it now before it’s too late!