Tips for Backpacking in Central America

There many reasons why individuals decide to backpack in Central America. First, there are beautiful places to see and many things to do. Second, it is very inexpensive to travel throughout Central American countries.

When planning your backpacking trip in Central America, you are going to have many options when deciding where to go and what to see. If you have a lot of time, you may decide to start in Mexico and then work your way down all the way to Panama. If you have a shorter amount of time, you may just want to hit Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, or any other combination of countries. You’re going to see that there are many opportunities available to you when visiting this region of the world. You can climb volcanoes, surf, enjoy large cities, and take in nature.

When traveling in Central America, there are certain precautions that you are going to want to take. First, you want to protect your health. Mosquito borne illnesses can be a pretty big problem in these countries. You may want to use a mosquito repellent on your body and then place a mosquito water trap in your hotel room or in the place you will stay. You also want to use a mosquito net to cover your bed at night. Another aspect of protecting your health is being sure that you do not consume contaminated food or water. Only drink bottled beverages and avoid food from street vendors.

It is important to protect yourself from the sun. Use sunscreen, wear a hat, and wear long sleeve clothing. In addition to the fact that you can very easily get sunburned after just one day of sightseeing, you do not want to deal with long-term sun exposure risks, like skin cancer.

While there are different types of dangers that you need to consider when visiting any country, petty theft is definitely something that you want to think about when visiting Central American countries. Just use common sense. Do not carry around a lot of money or wear flashy clothing and jewelry. Many have found that taking out money from ATMs little by little is a lot better than carrying a chunk of money from start to finish. You will have to pay a fee to continue to get money, but it is better than losing everything you have.

Central America is full of amazing vacation destinations and lots of fun. Use the following tips above to stay safe.

Easy Home Updates

There are several types of home remodeling projects that you can undertake. Some of them cost a good bit of money while others involve a minimal amount of funding and time. You can get home renovation quotes from companies that are willing to help you with any project that you have in mind in any area of the home.

A minor bathroom remodel is something that almost anyone can do without a lot of assistance. You can replace the tub and shower, or simply paint the room in a different color and add a few new accessories. Changing the hardware on the cabinets and installing a new faucet can make a world of difference when it comes to the look of the bathroom. Consider re-glazing the tub if you don’t want to bother with a complete replacement.

Landscaping outside the home can give a new look. Add a few flowers that will brighten the exterior of the house. Spread mulch in front of the porch and other areas so that there is a base for the flowers and bushes while giving the area a professional appearance. Choose plants that are one color, but use various heights for a staggered effect. A fountain is a charming focal point that is easy to install in the front yard.

The kitchen is often the easiest room to remodel. Change the facing on the cabinets and the drawers as well as the hardware so that you immediately see the difference when you enter the room. If you have the money in your budget, consider adding granite counters as they will last longer. You could also go with a trendy theme in the kitchen, such as open shelving. This involves placing shelves without cabinets on the walls, giving a view of what you normally keep inside the cabinets that isn’t usually seen, such as elegant dishes. Wood cabinets can be sanded and painted to give an updated look. A little white paint and black handles and drawer pulls go a long way in the kitchen, giving a modern appearance while still keeping the charm that you enjoy.

Our Bass Guitar

Many years back, my husband plays the bass guitar like theĀ allen woody. But for the past 6 years, he hasn’t been able to play much bass because he has been preaching God’s word Sunday after Sunday. I still remember the bass guitar I bought him 14 years back and I still see it being used during the worship services on Sundays. Indeed, bass guitars are a good investment if you have someone who loves to play it at home. It doesn’t fade and it doesn’t get broken easily. It enables one to practice their talents week after week. I don’t regret buying him that bass guitar, though it was pretty costly 14 years ago.

2016… what a blast!

November 1 is here! And it’s 55 days before Christmas! Where could have the days gone? I can still remember that it was only the beginning of the year and now, we are already on the last stretch of the year.

My 2016 has definitely been a busy one and a transitional one as I faced multiple changes in my life. Thankful to the Lord for the all the new opportunities He gave me but more thankful that we are all healthy and enjoying doing life together as a family.

How about you? How was your 2016?