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Kids Who Love to Read

If you want to raise kids who love to read, you need to model it to them and give them opportunities while they are still young. Here are some tips:

> Read to your kids at least once a day. Make sure you have their full attention.

> Avoid giving them gadgets like iPad and other game consoles at a young age.

> Bring them to bookstores and libraries often.

> Tell them stories before bedtime.

> Create activities from the stories that you read together.

> Give books as gift.

Interior Design

Designing the interiors of a house can be time consuming. Choosing the right interiors is as critical as choosing the right hardware materials used for your house. Wall designs, bathroom, door frames, lights and furnitures are something that you wouldn’t want to keep changing so choosing the best for your home is crucial. You must also choose a central theme for your home so that everything looks coordinated. When choosing cabin furniture, it would be nice if you are also using wood for other items such as tables and decorations. It would be a good idea to visit some home furnishing stores and look at home magazines before finalizing the interior designs for your home.

Language Learning As A Family

I grew up in a Chinese family. My parents spoke to us in Fookienese, while in school, classmates spoke to each other in Filipino. Though we also had Chinese Mandarin classes in the afternoon. After school, I never had the chance to practice what I learned in school so I already forgot a lot of Chinese Mandarin words. Now that I have kids of my own, we speak the local language which is Filipino, but I also speak to them in English and we read a lot of English books too. I definitely want them to learn other languages too like Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Here are some ways to learn another language at home aside from the usual classes:
> Read books in different languages which would expose them to the correct pronunciation and comprehension.
> Watch videos together as a family.
> Listen to songs or poems.
> Get cartoons which focuses on another language such as Dora The Explorer and Kai-Lan.
> Attend cultural events which showcases the heritage of each country.
> Go to the province or that country which uses that language which you are learning.

Head Injuries

When you have little active children at home, accidents are not far from happening in your home. You can make your home more children friendly but accidents are just bound to happen especially if you have toddlers and preschoolers at home. When a child bumps his head, most of the time, it is only a minor injury. But as parents, you should be aware about the following symptoms, should you notice these symptoms, bring the child to the doctor at once.

Any symptom that is getting worse, such asheadaches, nausea or sleepiness
Nausea that doesn’t go away
Changes in behavior, such as irritability or confusion
Dilated pupils (pupils that are bigger than normal) or pupils of different sizes
Trouble walking or speaking
Drainage of bloody or clear fluids from ears or nose
Weakness or numbness in the arms or legs

There is a growing number of moms that are taking some online nursing
classes to better handle the little emergencies that come up in every family. If you are interested, a good starting place is