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The Perfect Green Bedroom

As more and more people turn to a greener way of living, eco-friendly houses are becoming more common. However, if you are starting out along this road, knowing exactly how to decorate and furnish your rooms can at first seem like a dilemma, particularly if you are trying to balance a green lifestyle with good taste and classic designs. With a little thought though, it is not only an easy task to accomplish, but also very satisfying.

Creating a green bedroom can be particularly satisfying, as on average people spend a third of their lives in this area of their home. The secondary benefit is that an eco-friendly bedroom can help provide a better night’s sleep due to the natural fibres used, while also doing your bit to help the environment.

Start your new project with the decorating. Use eco-friendly paint that is low in volatile organic compounds and is much better for your health. If you prefer paper, choose recycled wallpaper. If the room is at the building stage, invest in good insulation that will decrease the need for heating. Install well-fitted double-glazed windows with quality thick curtains made from organic natural fibres. Seek advice on cavity-wall insulation and loft insulation as it is also possible to obtain grants to help with the initial costs. Ensure that this applies to all your rooms, including guest beds.

Look into buying a green mattress that is made from emission-free and natural materials. Wool is also considered to be fire retardant and therefore much safer. Equip your new bed with sheets made from organic natural fibres rather than normal cotton sheets that are mass produced and hence have a high carbon footprint. Bamboo bed clothes are a good choice and are comfortable and healthy for your skin. Designs of many kinds are available, making it is easy to choose materials to suit your individual tastes. When your sheets are washed, make sure you use natural detergents to keep toxins at a minimum.

If you have not already done so, change the lighting in your bedroom to energy-efficient bulbs or LED lights. Lighting can be used to great effect in bedrooms to create various moods with different shades and positioning. Energy-efficient light bulbs allow this design feature to be maintained at a minimum cost and with minimal effect on the earth.

Get rid of all electronic equipment in your bedroom. Not only will this help you sleep better, but it will also reduce the use of costly electricity. Use a wind-up alarm clock and if you like to have a radio on in the morning, consider a solar-charged one. You could get rid of any heaters and invest in a quality duck-down quilt or two instead. You will soon get used to a cooler room and in the long term it is much healthier not to use artificial heat while you sleep.

Invest in some attractive green plants that will not only create a classic look that is soothing and relaxing, but will also help improve the quality of the air. Fresh flowers, particularly those that you grow yourself, will add a natural scent as well as looking great.

Combining these few simple tips can help you achieve a green bedroom that not only makes you feel good mentally, but also physically since you will sleep better and be more rested the next day. So green really is the way to go when designing the perfect bedroom.

This guest post has been written by Rob who currently writes on behalf of Archer Sleep Centre. Rob focuses his writing towards how a good quality bed can improve your life in some way or form.

Battery Care

Most of the gifts the kids receive during Christmas are toys. Especially for the boys, these toys  tend to be battery operated toys. Some toys come with pre-installed duracell procell c batteries but others don’t. If these toys are not handled properly, the batteries won’t last long. It is important to teach the children to conserve energy of the batteries.

Here are some tips you can teach your child:

1. Always turn off the toy when not in use.

2. If not playing with a certain toy for an extended time, make sure to remove the batteries to avoid leakage or damage.

3. Don’t throw the toys containing batteries as this may damage the batteries.

4. Don’t expose the battery to extreme weather.

If you have some other battery care tips, do share them.

My House Husband, The Movie

My House Husband, Ikaw Na! is one of the recent Filipino movies shown in the movie theaters. It is the story of a married couple and how they dealt with the husband losing his job and their roles were reversed. There are several lessons we can learn from this story.. and they are:

Lesson 1: Work in the home is hard work. Doing all the chores is not easy and should not be taken lightly.

Lesson 2: Husbands need to know how to work in their own house. Usually, only the wife does the household chores. We learn from this movie  that knowing how to do household chores will benefit the whole household.

Lesson 3: Be Transparent to your spouse. Share what is really going on with your life to your spouse since they are your partners. They are there to support and not judge you.

Lesson 4: Appreciate each other’s strengths. Most of the time, the husband and the wife have opposite personalities and qualities. Instead of comparing and competing, learn to appreciate each other’s strength.

Lesson 5: Don’t gossip about your neighbors. It is easy to judge our neighbors and gossip about them but it usually doesn’t benefit you and most of the time, your own version of the story wouldn’t be correct anyway.


Watching this movie can be entertaining but more than that, it was able to depict the realities of married life. It is indeed  a must see movie!


Indoor and Outdoor Furnitures

Homes in the Philippines are typically small. Sometimes, it makes styling difficult but it is not impossible to make your little space seem bigger and stylish. Here are some tips to remember:  Make sure that the furniture are appropriately sized for your rooms. Use mirrors to make your rooms appear bigger. You have to remember to minimize accessories and collections in small spaces. Lighting can also have a major impact on how small or big the room appears.

As for the outdoors, we should use some accents to make our garden more welcoming and personalized. When designing the outdoors, you should consider adding some outdoor furniture to give style to your garden. Outdoor furniture is big business and as a result there are several luxury garden furniture retailers that can help you dress up your garden. Metal or wooden tables and chairs are typically used outdoors. They can make the terrace or balcony a place of refuge and style. Another popular choice is rattan garden furniture . Rattan furniture can add class to an outdoor space and at the same time be highly functional. Your main priority for outdoor furniture should be to make sure it is durable and weather proof. The frames should be at least rot and rustproof resistant.

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It is always a good idea to plan out how you would like your outdoor space to look once its finished, to make sure you buy the right products to realise your dreams. These changes inside and outside the house can make your home look stylish and up to date. Another way to update the look of your house is to rearrange furniture. Push things around and stack other stuff together. This could provide a fresh change and give additional space to your rooms.