Enhance Your Communications for Less

One thing is for certain – if you want to make your communications smoother with team members, you need to take a serious look at how you connect with each other. The days of face to face meetings taking up half the work day are long gone. Today, you can communicate with a variety of high-tech tools so that the whole team remains on the same page, while staying efficient in their work flow.


In the old days, people may have relied in telegrams, memos, and handwritten notes left on desks. That kind of communication carried with it a certain sense of finality – you leave a note for someone and it is what you think, not something open to interpretation. Because of the time involved between each communication, people often simply had to stick with a plan and later find out the results.


Today, we are lucky that we can adapt to situations as they evolve, and remain increasingly flexible in our work spaces. At the same time as we are increasingly flexible in the way we communicate, we do not want to let that make us unavailable. There is no need to trade reliability for convenience.


If you are the type of team that is not satisfied with the online chat group programs, but instead thrives on real time communication, simply invest in a group phone plan. By giving your team phones they can use for work purposes only, you also help them stay focused on the task at hand. Many employers are put off by this idea because they are scared of the investment. But if you think about it, the time that your employees recoup in productivity far outweighs the initial investment. On top of that, you can minimize your expenses by going through Straight Talk’s Groupon Coupons.


If you really want to make sure that your team is in constant contact, the gift to the team of a few cell phones linked with a group plan is about all you will need. In addition to unlimited texts and the ability to call each other whenever they have a question, you give them the gift of not ever worrying about making a decision that is seen as final. There need be no serious conflicts, because everyone can always talk it out on a Straight Talk plan.

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