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2016… what a blast!

November 1 is here! And it’s 55 days before Christmas! Where could have the days gone? I can still remember that it was only the beginning of the year and now, we are already on the last stretch of the year.

My 2016 has definitely been a busy one and a transitional one as I faced multiple changes in my life. Thankful to the Lord for the all the new opportunities He gave me but more thankful that we are all healthy and enjoying doing life together as a family.

How about you? How was your 2016?

Ukulele Lessons

My daughter learned to play the keyboards after studying a few online videos and practicing by herself. Though she has not mastered the keys yet, I believe that she will thrive greatly in music as well as she thrives in visual arts. That is why I wanted to get her this pink ukulele for this coming Christmas! It is perfect for her.

Maybe I should also consider sending her to music school to fast track her learning, what do you think?

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Nothing beats visiting different places as a family! The intentional road trip to another province or flying to a different place brings the family closer as it creates memories that will last a lifetime. Since this kind of trips doesn’t happen very often — every member of the family looks forward to being in a new place and experiencing new things together.

In the Philippines, you can visit It’s More Fun in the Philippines to see top destinations which you can explore as a family. There are numerous places to visit like the famous places such as Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, Vigan and Davao. But there are even more beautiful places that are less known such as Dumaguete, Sorsogon, Batanes, Sagada and Camiguin.

Family travel should start in your own country. See more of your own country and appreciate the richness and the beauty of the Philippine Islands!




Christ is the Reason for the Season!

The Christmas season has finally arrived. This is probably the busiest season for most Filipinos. With all the shopping, Christmas gatherings and reunions one has to attend to.

But we need not be stressed! Gift giving and parties shouldn’t be the highlight of the season but understanding the real essence of Christmas – which is Christ coming to the world to save us from our sins.

Christ brings the good news that we can be forgiven by God through His blood. We can have peace with God because of Christ. That should give us abounding joy and peace.

So, the next time  you are experiencing Christmas blues, remember, Christ is the reason for the season.