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Practical Exercise Tips

As the new year approaches, many people would definitely be starting their diet with their resolution to become fit this new year. Aside from going to the gym, here are some other ways to trim down your weight and start the year healthy:

1. Buy a yoga block and do yoga at your place.
2. Walk around your village every morning.
3. Eat smaller portions.
4. Choose to eat healthier food like veggies and fruits.
5. If feasible, walk to your destination instead of riding the elevator.

Do you have other practical exercise tips?

Home Exercise Tips

If you want to lose weight and have a healthier body but don’t have time to go to the gym for workout, you can use weight loss pill that works or you can begin to look around your house for gym substitutes. If you have stairs, you may go up and down the stairs for stair climb exercises. If you have bags, you may fill them up until you reach the desired weight and lift them. You may also clean the entire house and this would ensure perspiration! Of course, there are other exercises which you can do without any equipment like push up, squat, knee lifts and sit up.