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Learning Styles

Within one family, there may be a variety of learning styles present. I believe that if you want to teach your children effectively, it would be good to know them individually and accept their different learning styles. Learning styles are the different ways one could learn. The three learning styles are:

1. Visual Learner – Learners should see in order to learn. Visual learning can be done through looking at photos or reading words. They learn best with visual display, illustrations or videos. During a lecture, the visual learner, often would take notes to absorb the information.

2. Auditory Learner – Learners learn best through discussions, talking things through and they notice the tone of voice, the pitch and even the speed. These learners often would enjoy reading text aloud.

3. Kinesthetic Learner – Learners need to experience in order to learn the concept. They need the hands-on and more physical approach to learning. They might find it hard to sit still for long periods of time as they need to move around.