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Back to School Series : Sticky Labels

As another school year begins, parents and children everywhere are busy preparing for the new school year. From clothes to bags to notebooks, each item is precious to the children who wants to start a new school year with new hope and new school materials. Working on a tight budget, every parent tries to choose the best items which the kids will buy. They want their kids to buy the most economical products.

One of the important task that parents often forget is to buy sticky labels. Sticky labels are important to make sure that the school materials will not get lost in the midst of 40s students using the same item in one classroom. Even if the students misplace their books, notebooks or pencils  they can be sure that the items will return to the proper owner. Even with other items which the children often bring to school, like their lunch boxes, putting labels is now important.

Sticky labels have different kinds and it is important to buy the reliable ones to ensure that the labels will not fall easily. It would be best to look for those water-proof and scratch-proof ones for longer usage. It would also be good to look for unique designs.

With the number of students in each class, sticky labels can be a student’s best friend!


Top College Courses

As another school year approaches, the high school graduates are about to embark on a new journey in their life as they enroll in different colleges and universities. Here are some of the top college courses:
cpa marketing courses
– engineering courses
– computer or technology courses like programmers and application developers
– culinary and hotel management courses
– medical courses like doctors and nurses
– education courses

College Courses

It is the time of the year again in the Philippines when senior high school students are trooping the colleges and universities for entrance examinations. They choose their courses and take the exams with the hope that they will be accepted at their preferred schools.

Here are several college courses the students can choose from:
Dental Technician Jobs
– Computer related courses
– Medicine courses
– Human resources jobs
– Teaching courses

Do you have any other suggestions?

Learning Styles

Within one family, there may be a variety of learning styles present. I believe that if you want to teach your children effectively, it would be good to know them individually and accept their different learning styles. Learning styles are the different ways one could learn. The three learning styles are:

1. Visual Learner – Learners should see in order to learn. Visual learning can be done through looking at photos or reading words. They learn best with visual display, illustrations or videos. During a lecture, the visual learner, often would take notes to absorb the information.

2. Auditory Learner – Learners learn best through discussions, talking things through and they notice the tone of voice, the pitch and even the speed. These learners often would enjoy reading text aloud.

3. Kinesthetic Learner – Learners need to experience in order to learn the concept. They need the hands-on and more physical approach to learning. They might find it hard to sit still for long periods of time as they need to move around.