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Summer is Fun and Educational

The end of the school year is fast approaching. In a few weeks, children will be out of school and will be home for quite some time. Instead of wasting the whole day surfing the net and playing games on gadgets, encourage your child to learn something new.

Musical instruments are always a fun and interesting to learn. Your child can choose a musical instrumen which fascinates him. Learn about the instrument and how to make it sound. Choose a lesser known instrument like the french horn. It can actually be really educational. Learning the parts like the  bach french horm mouthpiece 7 can be quite insightful and it is not something you get to learn everyday.

The summer vacation should be treated as time to learn something out of the ordinary. This can make summer fun and educational at the same time!

Interesting Summer Workshops 2013

With the summer season here in the Philippines, children are out of their usual routine and spending lots of time at home. Most of the time, parents want to enroll their kids in summer classes, whether academic, sports oriented or arts oriented classes. They browse through various flyer prints and find classes which interest their child.

I think the following classes are worth checking out!

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Summer Fun: Home Exhibits

Summer time is one of the best opportunities for kids to explore their talents. Some may want to exhibit their talents by creating a short program featuring their unique talents, be it singing, acting, reciting poems, playing yoyojam atmosphere or dancing. Others may want to organize an exhibit of their art works, paintings or any visual art they have produced. Origami exhibits are also a welcome sight! Another fun exhibit to make would be to put all the toys and create villages or towns. It would be sort of like a diorama.

Shows and exhibits are tough to organize but with the help of the parents, the children who join will learn organizational skills and become more confident in using their God given talents.

Summer Fun: Board Games

With the start of the summer vacation, many kids are spending their time in the house. Instead of playing electronic games or watching movies all day, it would be a good idea for them to use their creativity to invent their own board games. Allow them to play some board games like Monopoly, Game of Life or Cranium and you would be surprised at what kind of game they can come up with. They can just use some old art materials from the house and create their own games. They would need to create rules and come up with a scoring system as well.

Inventing their own game would give them ownership and inspire them to play with it more. Who knows, you might be able to unlock their potentials in game making?