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How Long Does It Take To Get Abs + 3 Easy Diet Tips To Get You Started

Most people dream of perfect, chiseled, beach worthy six pack abs!   Unfortunately, as I’m sure you have come to realize, getting those perfect abs is not as easy as you would hope!  And if you start today, how long will it take for you get six pack abs? So many questions, so little time!

So really, how long does it take to get abs?  Your body fat percentage plays a huge part in how quickly you can get six pack abs.  If you are a skinny person, it will be a lot easier than if you are carrying a lot of excess body weight.  By combining a healthy diet, fat-burning cardio and abs exercises you will reach your goal a lot quicker.

For most normal, everyday people out there, their muscles are covered by a very inconvenient layer of fat which will affect how long it takes to get abs.  Some have fat that is found near the surface of the skin (subcutaneous fat) while others have fat that is located deeper within the abdomen (visceral fat).  Because fat often covers your would-be six pack abs, you will need to work on reducing your body fat percentage first so that your abs workout regime won’t go to waste!

Body Fat Percentage

As mentioned, how long it takes to get abs will depend on the amount of fat you are carrying. An online body fat percentage calculator can help you work out what your body fat percentage is – if you are carrying a lot of extra weight then it might be worthwhile to get advice from a personal trainer or dietician.

I love my six pack so much, I protect it with a layer of fat. 


Generally the amount of body fat differs between men and woman and just like excess body fat is bad for your health, not enough body fat is just as dangerous.  According to Medical News Today, a body fat percentage under 14% for woman is dangerously low while anything below 8% is dangerous for men. Woman should aim for a body fat percentage between 14% and 27%, while men should work towards between 8% and 22%.

How long does it take to get abs if you are a skinny person?

If you are skinny and you have a body fat percentage of about 8% for men and 14% for woman, then getting abs won’t be that difficult with the correct exercises.  It should take around a month or two to start seeing definition in your abs.

If you have a body fat percentage of about 20% it will take about 3 – 4 months to strengthen your abdominal muscles if you are a woman and 4 – 7 months if you are a man.  Although you are considered as healthy in this fat percentage range, you may still carry a bit of excess fat around your tummy so your food and exercise regime will impact how quickly you will first notice your six pack.

If your body fat percentage is 30% or more then you will be carrying a lot of excess weight and it is considered dangerously high.  You might be suffering from a few health conditions linked to your weight and it will take a long time to form the abs you are hoping for – anything from one to two years.  Obviously if you are carrying this much extra weight you will need to be consistent with your diet and your exercise regime and you should seek advice from your doctor on how best to move forward with your fitness plan.  Try to find a personal trainer and dietician who you can work with to help you achieve your goal safely.

And now for a few diet tips to get you started…

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals allows you to avoid any unnecessary temptation if you start feeling hungry.  And unfortunately there is just so much temptation! 

Most people eat 2 or 3 big meals a day, and usually these are made up of big portion sizes.  In between those meals they may start feeling hungry and then will resort to unhealthy snacking.  By planning your meals in advance you can avoid this.  Simply take the amount of food you would usually eat and split it into 5 or 6 small meals that you can eat throughout the day.  

By doing this you will fill full during the day and your body will better be able to absorb the nutrients it needs from the smaller meals. Obviously when working on your meal plan you must look at the healthiest foods that will help you lose belly fat fast.

Drink Lots Of Water Throughout The Day

We all know that water keeps you hydrated but did you know that it also promotes muscle growth by hydrating your muscles as well?   It also keeps you full and this is probably one of it’s biggest advantages.  When you drink 6-7 large glasses of water a day, you’re far less likely to give into processed foods and overeating simply because you won’t get as hungry.  Adding lots of water to your diet plan is probably one of the easiest and best ways to lose weight and get six pack abs!

Breakfast Should Be Your Biggest Meal

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, whether it is weight loss, muscle building or six pack abs, , breakfast should be the most important meal of your day.

When you first wake up your metabolic processes start kicking in and if there’s one thing you can do to improve your metabolic rate and increase your body’s natural fat burning abilities, it would be to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast.  Avoid all instant, sugary breakfast cereals and rather opt for high protein, healthy carb foods which will help you slim down and build muscle naturally.  


With a healthy diet plan and consistent exercise it is very possible to have the six pack abs you have always wanted!  If you are starting off with a low body fat percentage it will be a lot quicker to build your abs.  If you are carrying excess weight it will take longer but everything you do while you work towards your perfect abs will help you become fitter, healthier and stronger!  So don’t give up and keep working towards your goal!

Have you started working on your perfect six pack abs?  Do you have any advice, tricks or tips you would like to share?

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