The Princess And The Pea – Hans Christian Andersen

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The Princess And The Pea story is a wonderful fairy tale that was written by Hans Christian Andersen. This is one of his shorter fairy tales but it is also one of his most well-known.

The story begins with us being introduced to a prince who is destined to be the king of a faraway kingdom. The prince desperately wants to get married but, he doesn’t want to marry just anyone, he wants to marry a real princess! Now, while he travels far and wide, and meets many princesses, he can’t seem to find a real princess – or someone who he envisions a princess should be like.

One stormy evening a young woman appears at the city gates and she claims to be a real princess. But her wet and bedraggled looks make everyone, including the king and queen, doubt her story. How on earth will they test her to find out if she is in fact the princess the prince hopes to marry?

The Princess And The Pea is an interesting story about the power of perception. It asks us to think about the importance of honesty and the power that our beliefs can have over us. In the story, we are challenged by the idea that the tiniest detail can change the way we think of others. I would love to know what you think, was the princess a real princess?

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