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The Science Of Getting Rich, written by Wallace Wattles, was first published in 1910. It is the inspiration behind The Secret, the bestselling book and movie by Rhonda Byrnes. The Secret explores the theories of the Law Of Attraction, visualization, and how the power of a person’s thoughts can manifest wealth, health, and happiness.

In The Science Of Getting Rich, Wattles outlines a practical way to get rich by using your thoughts and spiritual discipline.   Wattles says that the science of getting rich is in fact an exact science, just like algebra or mathematics. And because it is an exact science, it is available to everyone and anyone regardless of culture, race, or religion.

The Science Of Getting Rich book contains 17 straightforward and simple chapters that show how the way you think can help you get all the riches and joy that you want out of this life.

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The Science Of Getting Rich Summary

Chapter 1 – The Right To Be Rich

In the very first chapter of the science of getting rich Wallace Wattles says:

Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 1
The Science Of Getting Rich PDF & Book Summary

He goes on to explain that a man develops and grows his mind, body and soul through making use of things that are almost always bought with money and that he does not speak of being rich in a figurative way.   

To be really rich does not mean to be satisfied or contented with a little. No man ought to be satisfied with a little if he is capable of using and enjoying more.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 1

He also explains that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich.   As humans, we are often brought up believing that being rich is somehow wrong.  Especially in a spiritual context.  Some of us believe that money is the root of all evil and by desiring it, it somehow can make us evil as well.

Wallace however disagrees with this thinking and says:

There is nothing wrong in wanting to get rich. The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life; and that desire is praiseworthy. The man who does not desire to live more abundantly is abnormal, and so the man who does not desire to have money enough to buy all he wants is abnormal.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 1

In fact, in Chapter 5, Wallace specifically says:

You must get rid of the last vestige of the old idea that there is a Deity whose will it is that you should be poor, or whose purposes may be served by keeping you in poverty.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

The Science Of Getting Rich says that there are three parts to our being that need to be taken care of – mind, body and soul.  Neglecting any of the three leads to an unhappy and unfulfilled life.  By being poor, or constantly struggling for money, you will not be able to grow or take care of all three of these parts of your being. 

Man’s highest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits on those he loves; love finds its most natural and spontaneous expression in giving. The man who has nothing to give cannot fill his place as a husband or father, as a citizen, or as a man. It is in the use of material things that man finds full life for his body, develops his mind, and unfolds his soul. It is therefore of supreme importance to him that he should be rich.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 1

From Wallace’s teachings, we can see that riches on earth are required to live a truly fulfilling, healthy and happy life, not only for ourselves but also for those around us as well.

Chapter 2 – There Is A Science Of Getting Rich

In this short chapter, Wallace explains that there is an exact science to getting rich.  Just like mathematics, getting rich is something that can be learned by anyone.   He explains that getting rich is not determined by:

  • Your Environment
  • Your Abilities and Talents
  • How Much You Save or Spend

Nor is getting rich due to doing things which others fail to do; for two men in the same business often do almost exactly the same things, and one gets rich while the other remains poor or becomes a bankrupt.

From all these things, we must come to the conclusion that getting rich is the result of doing things in a Certain Way.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 2

Chapter 3 – Is opportunity monopolized?

Wallace teaches that there is abundant wealth and opportunity and that it is available to anyone! 

There is abundance of opportunity for the man who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it…
No one is kept in poverty by a shortness in the supply of riches; there is more than enough for all.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, Wallace explores the idea of God, the universe (as used in The Secret), or as he calls it “Original Substance” or “Formless Stuff”.

The Formless Stuff is intelligent; it is stuff which thinks. It is alive, and is always impelled toward more life.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 3

God, or the Original Substance,  is the single source of everything you see on earth and there is no limit to what the Original Substance can create.  And just by looking at nature, you can see just how abundant life is! 

The universe is a great Living Presence, always moving inherently toward more life and fuller functioning.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – The First Principle

In chapter 4, Wallace explains how our thoughts are the things that trigger the process of creation.  Everything that a man creates in his life must first exist in his thoughts. 

Man is a thinking center, and can originate thought. All the forms that man fashions with his hands must first exist in his thought; he cannot shape a thing until he has thought that thing.

Once a thought has been brought into someone’s mind, the Original Substance begins working towards its creation.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 4

By thinking we are always in a state of creation. 

Unfortunately, by thinking negative thoughts, negative experiences can also become reality in our lives. 

To look upon the appearance of disease will produce the form of disease in your own mind, and ultimately in your body, unless you hold the thought of the truth, which is that there is no disease; it is only an appearance, and the reality is health.

To look upon the appearances of poverty will produce corresponding forms in your own mind, unless you hold to the truth that there is no poverty; there is only abundance.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 4

Wallace says that you need to completely believe that the concepts found in The Science Of Getting Rich are real and that you should avoid any people or situations that might make you question it.  In his final paragraphs of this chapter he says:

Do not listen to arguments against this idea; do not go to churches or lectures where a contrary concept of things is taught or preached. Do not read magazines or books which teach a different idea; if you get mixed up in your faith, all your efforts will be in vain.

Do not ask why these things are true, nor speculate as to how they can be true; simply take them on trust.

The science of getting rich begins with the absolute acceptance of this faith.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – Increasing Life

The universe or God, by his very nature, is always moving towards creating, growing, and increasing life.  And so, by default, he wants the same for you. 

The One Substance desires to live more in you; hence it wants you to have all the things you can use.

It is the desire of God that you should get rich. He wants you to get rich because he can express himself better through you if you have plenty of things to use in giving him expression. He can live more in you if you have unlimited command of the means of life.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

However, Wallace warns against wanting riches for selfish reasons and self-gratification. Because we are made up of the mind, body and soul, satisfying only one of these parts of our beings will lead to the neglect of the other parts which will not make you happy. 

You do not want to get rich solely to enjoy mental pleasures, to get knowledge, to gratify ambition, to outshine others, to be famous. All these are a legitimate part of life, but the man who lives for the pleasures of the intellect alone will only have a partial life, and he will never be satisfied with his lot.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

Likewise, he also says that wanting to get rich purely to help others is not necessarily good either:

You do not want to get rich solely for the good of others, to lose yourself for the salvation of mankind, to experience the joys of philanthropy and sacrifice. The joys of the soul are only a part of life; and they are no better or nobler than any other part.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

In fact, he says:

Get rid of the idea that God wants you to sacrifice yourself for others, and that you can secure his favor by doing so; God requires nothing of the kind.

What he wants is that you should make the most of yourself, for yourself, and for others; and you can help others more by making the most of yourself than in any other way.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

He also emphasizes that God will never take things away from someone to give them to you.  He says that there is no need for competition – because life is abundant and there is more than enough to go around it is never necessary to compete with anyone.  You must become a creator and not a competitor.

You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.

You do not have to take anything away from anyone.

You do not have to drive sharp bargains.

You do not have to cheat, or to take advantage. You do not need to let any man work for you for less than he earns.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

Now while Wallace admits that there are many very powerful people who have made incredible fortunes by doing exactly the opposite, he says that doing so will not lead to an abundant and happy life in all its forms:

The multi-millionaires are like the monster reptiles of the prehistoric eras; they play a necessary part in the evolutionary process, but the same Power which produced them will dispose of them. And it is well to bear in mind that they have never been really rich; a record of the private lives of most of this class will show that they have really been the most abject and wretched of the poor.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – How Riches Come To You

Riches come to you when you provide value to people and make their lives better by doing so. Make sure that everything you do is on a win-win basis. Everything you do should add just as much value to other people’s lives as what it does to yours.  

Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 6

And you don’t have to cheat or deal unfairly with people to do it.  Wallace gives us an incredibly good example of what he means by this entire concept:

Let us suppose that I own a picture by one of the great artists, which, in any civilized community, is worth thousands of dollars. I take it to Baffin Bay, and by “salesmanship” induce an Eskimo to give a bundle of furs worth $500 for it. I have really wronged him, for he has no use for the picture; it has no use value to him; it will not add to his life.

But suppose I give him a gun worth $50 for his furs; then he has made a good bargain. He has use for the gun; it will get him many more furs and much food; it will add to his life in every way; it will make him rich.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 6

In chapter 6, Wallace also explains how God wants to live, do and enjoy things through humanity.  And in order to do that he wants people to live abundantly with everything they need.  He emphasizes that the idea that self-sacrifice and poverty are pleasing to God, is wrong.

God wants those who can play music to have pianos and every other instrument, and to have the means to cultivate their talents to the fullest extent; He wants those who can appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things; He wants those who can discern truth to have every opportunity to travel and observe; He wants those who can appreciate dress to be beautifully clothed, and those who can appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 6

He says that all you need to do is ask and believe and that God will bring all these things into your life.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:24 | New International Version

Chapter 7 – Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important ways in which you can shift your mental attitude and get in tune with God and his abundant nature. 

Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. Having received one gift from God, they cut the wires which connect them with Him by failing to make acknowledgment.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 7

The more grateful we are for the things we already have in our lives, the more we will be given to be grateful for! 

The more gratefully we fix our minds on the Supreme when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come; and the reason simply is that the mental attitude of gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which the blessings come.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 7

It is important to make gratitude a way of life.  Being grateful and fixing your mind on every good thing you have allows you to receive more of those good things.  Give thanks for all the good in your life and more good will come into your life!

Likewise, if you let your mind become unhappy and dissatisfied, you will begin to attract more unhappy and unsatisfying things into your life.

The moment you permit your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground. You fix attention upon the common, the ordinary, the poor, and the squalid and mean; and your mind takes the form of these things. Then you will transmit these forms or mental images to the Formless, and the common, the poor, the squalid, and mean will come to you.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 7

Be grateful and give thanks for all the good in your life and more good will come to you!

Chapter 8 – Thinking In A Certain Way

You will never grow rich or achieve your dreams or desires by not being exactly sure of what you want.  You can’t be wishy-washy about your goals.  You need to get clear, precise and definite in your thinking and in your mind. 

You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want; you cannot transmit an idea unless you have it yourself.

You must have it before you can give it; and many people fail to impress Thinking Substance because they have themselves only a vague and misty concept of the things they want to do, to have, or to become.

It is not enough that you should have a general desire for wealth “to do good with”; everybody has that desire.

It is not enough that you should have a wish to travel, see things, live more, etc. Everybody has those desires also.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8

Once you have a clear mental picture of what you want you can begin holding it in your mind using visualization.  Think about what your life will be like once the things you want have been manifested.  Wallace says that spending time thinking about and visualizing your desires should require little effort.  And it should never be hard work or a chore.

The more clear and definite you make your picture, then, and the more you dwell upon it, bringing out all its delightful details, the stronger your desire will be; and the stronger your desire, the easier it will be to hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8

However, there is more that is needed.  Only seeing the picture clearly will make you a dreamer and nothing more.  You have to have faith that everything you see is already on its way to you. 

So, when you are visualizing, you need to feel the joy, happiness and excitement of having those things now.  Wallace says that if you would like a new house, live in that house mentally until it takes its physical form around you.   See everything that you want as if it is already there. 

Live in the new house; wear the fine clothes; ride in the automobile; go on the journey, and confidently plan for greater journeys. Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership. Imagine an environment, and a financial condition exactly as you want them, and live all the time in that imaginary environment and financial condition. Mind, however, that you do not do this as a mere dreamer and castle builder; hold to the FAITH that the imaginary is being realized, and to the PURPOSE to realize it.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8

Wallace also emphasizes the importance of gratitude in the entire process.  Just like you should always be grateful for the things you already have, you should also be grateful for the things that are already on their way to you.

And remember what was said in a preceding chapter about gratitude; be as thankful for it all the time as you expect to be when it has taken form. The man who can sincerely thank God for the things which as yet he owns only in imagination, has real faith. He will get rich; he will cause the creation of whatsoever he wants.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8

An interesting point that Wallace covers in this chapter is that it isn’t necessary to pray and ask repeatedly for the things that you want.   

The answer to prayer is not according to your faith while you are talking, but according to your faith while you are working.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8

Hold to the vision of what it is that you want and believe that it is on its way to you.  Feel the feelings of having it now, live as if it is already yours. Have faith. 

Chapter 9 – How To Use The Will

Many people believe that in order to get rich they need to force their will onto things outside of themselves.  Wallace strongly emphasizes how this is completely wrong. Nobody had the right to try to project their will onto people or situations or to coerce people to do what they want. 

The science of getting rich does not require you to apply power or force to any other person, in any way whatsoever. There is not the slightest necessity for doing so; indeed, any attempt to use your will upon others will only tend to defeat your purpose.

You do not need to apply your will to things, in order to compel them to come to you.

That would simply be trying to coerce God, and would be foolish and useless, as well as irreverent.

You do not have to compel God to give you good things, any more than you have to use your will power to make the sun rise.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 9

By using the principles in The Science To Getting Rich, you must use your willpower to compel yourself to do and think correctly. 

Use your mind to form a mental image of what you want, and to hold that vision with faith and purpose; and use your will to keep your mind working in the Right Way.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 9

Make sure that you use your willpower to keep your mind focused on the good around you and the good you would like to manifest in your life.  Do not let your mind think about anything that is in opposition to these good things. 

If you want to become rich, you must not make a study of poverty.

Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites. Health is never to be attained by studying disease and thinking about disease; righteousness is not to be promoted by studying sin and thinking about sin; and no one ever got rich by studying poverty and thinking about poverty.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 9

It is very interesting to note that Wallace specifically says that you should not spend your time doing work for charities or for organizations or movements that do charity work. Being constantly focused on the lack and unhappiness in these things will only bring more lack and unhappiness into existence.

I do not say that you should be hard-hearted or unkind, and refuse to hear the cry of need; but you must not try to eradicate poverty in any of the conventional ways. Put poverty behind you, and put all that pertains to it behind you, and “make good.”

Get rich; that is the best way you can help the poor.

And you cannot hold the mental image which is to make you rich if you fill your mind with pictures of poverty.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 9

So what does Wattle suggest?  He says that instead of allowing pictures of poverty to enter your mind, people should rather work on trying to get pictures of wealth into the minds of the poor. 

You are not deserting the poor in their misery when you refuse to allow your mind to be filled with pictures of that misery.

Poverty can be done away with, not by increasing the number of well-to-do people who think about poverty, but by increasing the number of poor people who propose with faith to get rich.

The poor do not need charity; they need inspiration.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 9

Wallace says that by giving people a few things that make their lives better for a little while will make very little difference in the long run.  Rather teach people how to rise out of poverty by using the principles in The Science Of Getting Rich.

If you want to help the poor, demonstrate to them that they can become rich; prove it by getting rich yourself.

The only way in which poverty will ever be banished from this world is by getting a large and constantly increasing number of people to practice the teachings of this book.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 9

Chapter 10 – Further Use Of The Will

In Chapter 10 of The Science Of Getting Rich, Wallace again emphasizes how important it is to only let your mind dwell on the clear picture of the vision of the life you want. You can’t hold that vision if you are always allowing your attention to turn to opposing pictures.  He gives a list of things you should avoid.

  • Your past financial troubles – Put anything and everything relating to poverty behind you and don’t think about it anymore.
  • Religious books – Don’t read any religious books that say that the world is going to end and that it is being consumed by evil.
  • The News – Read only the news that is positive and harmonious.  Avoid the constant barrage of bad news that is filled with strife and unhappiness.
  • The Occult – Don’t dabble in spiritualism and the occult.

Of the occult and spiritualism he says:

It is very likely that the dead still live, and are near; but if they are, let them alone; mind your own business.

Wherever the spirits of the dead may be, they have their own work to do, and their own problems to solve; and we have no right to interfere with them.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 10

Wallace says that instead of thinking about how horrible things are in certain countries or for certain people, rather think about how the world is rather moving towards becoming rich and prosperous.

Whenever you think or speak of those who are poor, think and speak of them as those who are becoming rich; as those who are to be congratulated rather than pitied. Then they and others will catch the inspiration, and begin to search for the way out.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 10

He emphasizes that there is nothing more important than aiming to hold wealth and prosperity in your mind. 

You can aim at nothing so great or noble, I repeat, as to become rich; and you must fix your attention upon your mental picture of riches, to the exclusion of all that may tend to dim or obscure the vision.

You must learn to see the underlying TRUTH in all things; you must see beneath all seemingly wrong conditions the Great One Life ever moving forward toward fuller expression and more complete happiness.

It is the truth that there is no such thing as poverty; that there is only wealth.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 10

Chapter 11 – Acting In The Certain Way

In chapter 11, Wallace explains how important it is to physically begin working towards achieving the wealth you would like.  Without the correct actions, your thoughts will be wasted.  By sitting and waiting, without taking action, you will never achieve what you want.

You can readily see the truth of this. When things reach you, they will be in the hands of other men, who will ask an equivalent for them.

And you can only get what is yours by giving the other man what is his.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 11

He emphasizes how important it is that you take action today even if you don’t feel like you are in the right position or environment yet – the only time it is possible for you to act is now.  It isn’t possible to act in the past and it isn’t possible to act in the future either. 

Because you are not in the right business, or the right environment now, do not think that you must postpone action until you get into the right business or environment. And do not spend time in the present taking thought as to the best course in possible future emergencies; have faith in your ability to meet any emergency when it arrives.

If you act in the present with your mind on the future, your present action will be with a divided mind, and will not be effective.

Put your whole mind into present action.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 11

Chapter 12 – Efficient Action

In order to achieve your dreams, you must work efficiently and with purpose.  Always working towards being better than what you were yesterday. 

Do, every day, ALL that can be done that day.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 12

Each task that you do in a day is either a success or a failure. It is important to tackle each task with the same amount of energy, no matter how small it may be. You never can tell which tasks will be the ones that will bring you closer to your dreams.

You cannot foresee the results of even the most trivial act; you do not know the workings of all the forces that have been set moving in your behalf. Much may be depending on your doing some simple act; it may be the very thing which is to open the door of opportunity to very great possibilities. You can never know all the combinations which Supreme Intelligence is making for you in the world of things and of human affairs; your neglect or failure to do some small thing may cause a long delay in getting what you want.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 12

Wallace does however say that you should never overwork yourself and that you should not try to do tomorrow’s work today.  Or even a week’s worth of work in one day.   It isn’t the number of tasks that you do that is important but rather it is the efficiency of each task that matters.  By working inefficiently you only sabotage yourself – you can’t become successful by constantly working inefficiently.  However, he also says:

On the other hand, every efficient act is a success in itself, and if every act of your life is an efficient one, your whole life MUST be a success.

The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 12

It seems quite complicated but by breaking down the tasks you need to do and concentrating on doing each task well, Wallace says you will not fail. 

The matter turns, then, on the question whether you can make each separate act a success in itself. And this you can certainly do.

You can make each act a success, because All Power is working with you; and All Power cannot fail.

Power is at your service; and to make each act efficient you have only to put power into it.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 12

At the end of the chapter, we are given a summary of everything that has been covered in The Science Of Getting Rich so far. It is broken down into four points:

  1. There is a “thinking stuff” or intelligent force that creates all things and it fills the entire universe.
  2. Bringing a thought into this “thinking stuff”, manifests the thing that was imagined in that thought.
  3. People can form things in their thoughts and by bringing those thoughts to the “thinking stuff”, it will cause the thing that the person has thought about to be created.
  4. In order to manifest what you would like, you must move away from thoughts of competition and concentrate on using your creative mind.  You must form a clear picture of what you want, and with faith and purpose do everything you can do each day, making sure that each separate thing you do is done in an efficient manner.

Chapter 13 – Getting Into The Right Business

It is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  And it is important to use your skills in the right way.  After all, there are many people in the world who are incredibly skilled and talented who never get rich.  Your skills and talents are tools that you can use, but you must make sure that you use them in the right way.  It is also important to know that skills can be learned so you should not limit yourself unnecessarily.

It will be EASIER for you to succeed in a vocation for which you already have the talents in a well-developed state; but you CAN succeed in any vocation, for you can develop any rudimentary talent, and there is no talent of which you have not at least the rudiment.

You will get rich most easily in point of effort, if you do that for which you are best fitted; but you will get rich most satisfactorily if you do that which you WANT to do.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 13

There wouldn’t be much joy or satisfaction in living if you are not doing something that you enjoy or that you want to do.  If you have a strong desire to do something then, Wallace says, this is proof that you have the power within you to do it. 

The desire to play music is the power which can play music seeking expression and development; the desire to invent mechanical devices is the mechanical talent seeking expression and development.

Where there is no power, either developed or undeveloped, to do a thing, there is never any desire to do that thing; and where there is strong desire to do a thing, it is certain proof that the power to do it is strong, and only requires to be developed and applied in the Right Way.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 13

Wallace advises that it is best to choose a business that you already have a talent for.  However, if you have a strong desire for another type of business then this is the one which you should work towards.   He says that you should work towards doing something that you enjoy.  And if you are in a situation or in work that you don’t enjoy then you should continue working there knowing that you are moving in the direction of the thing you want to do.

If there are past mistakes whose consequences have placed you in an undesirable business or environment, you may be obliged for some time to do what you do not like to do; but you can make the doing of it pleasant by knowing that it is making it possible for you to come to the doing of what you want to do.

If you feel that you are not in the right vocation, do not act too hastily in trying to get into another one. The best way, generally, to change business or environment is by growth.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 13

However, Wallace says that if an opportunity comes your way, you shouldn’t be scared to make a sudden or radical change if you feel that the opportunity is good and you have thought it through carefully.  Don’t however make any sudden changes to your life if you have doubts.  There will always be more opportunities.

There is never any hurry on the creative plane; and there is no lack of opportunity.

When you get out of the competitive mind you will understand that you never need to act hastily. No one else is going to beat you to the thing you want to do; there is enough for all. If one place is taken, another and a better one will be opened for you a little farther on; there is plenty of time. When you are in doubt, wait.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 13

If you do have any doubts about an opportunity Wallace suggests taking a step back to reconnect with your vision.

A day or two spent in contemplating the vision of what you want, and in earnest thanksgiving that you are getting it, will bring your mind into such close relationship with the Supreme that you will make no mistake when you do act.

There is a mind which knows all there is to know; and you can come into close unity with this mind by faith and the purpose to advance in life, if you have deep gratitude.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 13

People make mistakes when they make decisions too quickly.  Or if they make them out of fear, doubt or for the wrong reasons.

Do all that you can do in a perfect manner every day, but do it without haste, worry, or fear. Go as fast as you can, but never hurry.

Remember that in the moment you begin to hurry you cease to be a creator and become a competitor; you drop back upon the old plane again.

Whenever you find yourself hurrying, call a halt; fix your attention on the mental image of the thing you want, and begin to give thanks that you are getting it. The exercise of GRATITUDE will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 13

Chapter 14 – The Impression Of Increase

No matter what business or job you are in today, it is important that you concentrate on this business.  You will be able to move to the business you ultimately want by using the business or job you already have.   

You can get into the business you want by making constructive use of the business you are already established in; by doing your daily work in a Certain Way.

And in so far as your business consists in dealing with other men, whether personally or by letter, the key-thought of all your efforts must be to convey to their minds the impression of increase.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 14

Wallace explains that every person is always looking for increase.  It is our natural desire to grow and want more and everything people do is driven by this desire. 

The normal desire for increased wealth is not an evil or a reprehensible thing; it is simply the desire for more abundant life; it is aspiration.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 14

Because people have this instinctual desire for increase, they are drawn to people who can give them more. 

Convey the impression of advancement with everything you do, so that all people shall receive the impression that you are an Advancing Man, and that you advance all who deal with you. Even to the people whom you meet in a social way, without any thought of business, and to whom you do not try to sell anything, give the thought of increase.

Do everything that you do with conviction and faith.  Believe that wealth is coming to you.  Believe that you are growing and increasing each day and people will be drawn to that.  People will believe that by being associated with you they will also grow and become prosporous.

You must so impress others that they will feel that in associating with you they will get increase for themselves. See that you give them a use value greater than the cash value you are taking from them.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 14

But don’t become arrogant or boastful about your achievements.  Simply go about your work quietly and confidently knowing that you are one step closer to your goal every day.  You don’t need to speak about what you are doing, people will feel your confidence and your assurance and will be drawn to you.

Wallace gives us another warning here:

Beware of the insidious temptation to seek for power over other men.

Nothing is so pleasant to the unformed or partially developed mind as the exercise of power or dominion over others. The desire to rule for selfish gratification has been the curse of the world. For countless ages kings and lords have drenched the earth with blood in their battles to extend their dominions; this not to seek more life for all, but to get more power for themselves.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 14

Just like in ages gone by,  people today still have a selfish lust for power.  And they will happily step on top of anyone to get what they want.  You must avoid this at all costs. 

Look out for the temptation to seek for authority, to become a “master,” to be considered as one who is above the common herd, to impress others by lavish display, and so on.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 14

Chapter 15 – The Advancing Man

No matter where you are today, you can start working towards the riches you want by doing the very best work you can with faith and purpose.

No matter whether you are a physician, a teacher, or a clergyman, if you can give increase of life to others and make them sensible of the fact, they will be attracted to you, and you will get rich.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 15

For someone who is employed, Wallace says that the same is true for them, even if they feel like they are stuck.

Do all the work you can do, every day, and do each piece of work in a perfectly successful manner; put the power of success, and the purpose to get rich, into everything that you do.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 15

He warns that you should not work towards pleasing your employer, but rather your goal should be advancing yourself.  After all if you are simply a good employee your employer will have no motivation to promote you.   

Do not try to more than fill your present place with a view to pleasing your employer; do it with the idea of advancing yourself. Hold the faith and purpose of increase during work hours, after work hours, and before work hours. Hold it in such a way that every person who comes in contact with you, whether foreman, fellow workman, or social acquaintance, will feel the power of purpose radiating from you; so that everyone will get the sense of advancement and increase from you. Men will be attracted to you, and if there is no possibility for advancement in your present job, you will very soon see an opportunity to take another job.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 15

Chapter 16 – Some Cautions, And Concluding Observations

The people of the world will be able to free themselves from hardship and poverty when they see that the science of getting rich is a true science that is available to anyone who is willing to follow the steps needed to acquire wealth.  No government or institution will be able to hold people back if everyone starts to move together with minds of increase, advancement and faith.   

It is true that existing governments keep the masses in poverty, but this is because the masses do not think and act in the Certain Way.

If the masses begin to move forward as suggested in this book, neither governments nor industrial systems can check them; all systems must be modified to accommodate the forward movement.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 16

Wallace gives some advice on how to move forward:

  1. Never compete, there is more than enough to go around.  Always work on the creative plane.
  2. If you find yourself falling into old thought patterns, correct yourself immediately.
  3. Concentrate on doing today’s work.  Don’t spend time thinking about, or planning for possible emergencies in the future.
  4. Don’t think about how you will tackle problems and obstacles that may cross your path in the future.
  5. If you see an obstacle in front of you, you will find that if you keep on moving forward with faith and purpose that it will either disappear or you will be able to go through or around it.
  6. No circumstances will be able to defeat someone who is using the laws found in The Science Of Getting Rich.
  7. Don’t be anxious and think about negative situations and circumstances in the world or in your life. 
  8. Watch how you speak – don’t allow yourself to speak negatively about yourself, your work or anything else.
  9. Don’t speak, think or complain about how times are hard.  Things might be hard for other people or businesses but if you are on the creative plane you will be able to create what you want so there is no need to give in to fear.
  10. When others are going through hard times and businesses are struggling, this will be a time of great opportunity for you.
  11. Teach yourself to see the world as if it is growing, always speaking in terms of moving forward.
  12. Don’t become discouraged or disappointed if you don’t receive things when you think you should. Hold to your faith and purpose. If you keep using the science of getting rich you will find that you will receive things that are way better than what you had originally wanted.

That is the way every seeming failure will work out for you, if you keep your faith, hold to your purpose, have gratitude, and do, every day, all that can be done that day, doing each separate act in a successful manner.

When you make a failure, it is because you have not asked for enough; keep on, and a larger thing than you were seeking will certainly come to you. Remember this.

The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 16

Chapter 17 – Summary Of The Science Of Getting Rich

Chapter 17 is a short chapter where Wallace simply summarizes everything that he covered in his book.

Bible Verses Quoted In The Science Of Getting Rich

Wallace Wattles includes quite a few bible quotes and references in The Science Of Getting Rich. We have recorded them here for your reference. These quotes are all taken from The King James version.

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Philippians 2:13 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 6 – How Riches Come To You

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Luke 12:32 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 6 – How Riches Come To You

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Mark 11:24 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 6 – How Riches Come To You

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

James 4:8 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 7 – Gratitude

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8 – Thinking In The Certain Way

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

Matthew 6:7 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8 – Thinking In The Certain Way

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Mark 11:24 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 8 – Thinking In The Certain Way

Let the dead bury their dead.

Luke 9:6 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 10 – Further Use Of The Will

For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

Matthew 25:29 | The Science Of Getting Rich | Chapter 14 – The Impression Of Increase

The Science Of Getting Rich – FAQ

How Many Pages Is The Science Of Getting Rich?

The book ranges from about 50 to 100 pages depending on page size and the size of the print. Our copy is 58 pages long and it is in A4 Format.

What Is The Certain Way In the Science Of Getting Rich?

In The Science Of Getting Rich, when Wallace Wattles talks about The Certain Way he’s basically describing the science behind the process of getting rich that is certain or definite. By using your thought, faith, purpose and action, it is definite or certain that you will achieve your goals.

What Is The Formless Substance In The Science Of Getting Rich?

The Formless Substance that Wallace Wattles talks about is known by many names. In The Secret, they use the term The Universe. Others understand it to be God.

Is The Science Of Getting Rich A Good Book

On Amazon, The Science Of Getting Rich book scores a solid 5 out of 5 stars. It’s an easy read and because it isn’t very long it is easy to digest.

How Many Chapters Are In The Science Of Getting Rich?

The science of getting rich is broken down into 17 chapters and it is organized into three key ideas. The first part works on exploring the truth of the law of attraction or the science of getting rich. The second part covers thinking in The Certain Way and the Third part covers acting in The Certain Way.


The Science Of Getting Rich is a fascinating book that should be on everyone’s must-read list. Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas in it, I think there’s a lot to be learned about the power of our own thoughts and gratitude.

The Science Of Getting Rich isn’t a long book or a difficult read and you can download The Science Of Getting Rich PDF here. Because The Science of Getting Rich was published in 1910, it is in the public domain it is available for you to download for free.

We would love to know what you think. Have you read The Science Of Getting Rich? Has following the steps in the book worked for you?

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