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Hi, I’m Jessie, and I love books!

Family and Home Living was born out of my love of books and all things fantasy, action, adventure, and intrigue.

One day while searching for a new book to read I stumbled upon public domain books. I couldn’t believe that so many amazing English books were available for free in the public domain!

And because I believe everyone should have access to awesome, high quality, English books I started collecting my favorites and saving them in PDF format for anyone to download and enjoy for free.

Curious about what public domain books are? Here is the definition from Cornell University Law School:

The public domain includes every creative work that is no longer protected by a copyrighttrademark, or patent. Creative works that are no longer protected are owned by the general public rather than the original creator. As such, the work is free to be copied, performed, or otherwise used by anyone. 

So here you will find excellent adult non-fiction books along with a collection of amazing children’s books that you can freely download.

Along with being a complete bookworm, I’m also a single mom so here you will also find fun budget-friendly ideas for kid’s activities, including cool things like coloring pages and books that I created which you are also welcome to download.

I know my blog is a little bit of a mish-mash of ideas and articles, but I hope that you will enjoy spending a little bit of time here!

I would also love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch even if it’s just to say hi!


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