Anne Of Avonlea – Lucy Maud Montgomery

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The Anne Of Avonlea book is the sequel to Anne Of Green Gables and it is book two in the series. It was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and it was originally published in 1909. Anne Of Avonlea follows Anne’s life from about the ages of 16 to 18. During this time she is a teacher at Avonlea School where we get to know a few new characters. Download the Anne Of Avonlea PDF free here to enjoy Anne’s new adventures.

Anne Of Avonlea PDF

Anne Of Avonlea PDF

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Is the Anne Of Avonlea PDF Book Free To Download?

Yes, it is! The Anne Of Avonlea story was first published in 1909, just one year after Anne Of Green Gables so it is in the public domain. You are therefore welcome to download and read it for free! We hope you enjoy it!

Anne Of Avonlea Book Summary

At the beginning of book 2, Anne is just starting her first term as a teacher at Avonlea School and Gilbert is teaching at a school in a village nearby called White Sands. Both Anne and Gilbert are a little bit older and although Anne sees him as nothing more than a friend, Gilbert is starting to see Anne as his perfect mate. He is careful to keep this to himself though!

When Anne begins working as a teacher she sees her students and her teaching ideals through rose-colored glasses. She thinks it is wrong to hit a child if they misbehave and she believes that she can win over her students with kindness and reasoning. Most of her friends however don’t really believe this is achievable.

Anne manages to win over all her students except for one, Anthony Pye. He is a badly behaved and rude boy and one day decides to put a mouse in Anne’s desk. This pushes Anne over the edge and she whips him in anger. Afterward, she is devastated that she could have done such a thing and she struggles to come to terms with it. However, after the hiding, Anthony sees her in a new light and he begins to respect her and changes his behavior.

After Marilla’s cousin passes away she adopts her cousin’s six-year-old twin children. Davy and Dora are as different as they come with Dora being well-behaved and sweet and Davy constantly getting into trouble!

In the story we are also introduced to other colorful characters who Anne becomes good friends with such as Miss Lavender Lewis, Paul Irving and his father, as well as Mr. Harrison and his foul mouthed parrot.

Towards the end of the story, Marilla’s best friend and neighbor, Mrs. Rachel Lynde moves to Green Gables after her husband passes away. This allows Anne to at last have the opportunity to go to college. Anne and Gilbert begin making plans to go to college together in the Autumn.

Anne Of Avonlea Q&A

What Is The Difference Between Anne of Avonlea and Anne Of Green Gables?

Anne of Avonlea is the Anne Of Green Gables sequel and it is book two in the series. It follows Anne’s life from about age 16 to 18. Avonlea is the town in which Anne lives and also the name of the school she teaches at.

What Grade Level Is Anne Of Avonlea.

Anne Of Avonlea can be read by children from about grade 2. However, it will probably be more relevant and interesting for kids who are slightly older, perhaps from about grade 4.

Anne Of Avonlea Movies & Other Adaptations

Although there haven’t been any specific Anne Of Avonlea movies made there have been two series that were produced. The first was produced in 1975 and it is the sequel to the 1972 Anne of Green Gables movie with stared Kim Braden as Anne.

Later, in 1987, a second series was produced called Anne Of Green Gables: The Sequel. It is the sequel to the 1985 Anne of Green Gables adaptation and stars Megan Follows as Anne Shirley.

Anne Of Avonlea Trailer | The Anne Of Green Gables Sequel


Anne of Avonlea is another Lucy Maud Montgomery classic and is the sequel to Anne Of Green Gables. You can download a copy of our Anne Of Avonlea PDF here to read and enjoy.