Free Printable Letter O Coloring Pages For Kids

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The letter O is the 15th letter of the alphabet and it is also the 4th vowel in the English language, along with A, E, I, and U.

Not only that, but it is also the 4th most commonly used letter in the alphabet!

It is used along with the other vowels in the alphabet to create different sounds such as “oo” as in Root. Or “oa” as in Boat. Or even “ou” as in Out, and “oi” as in Coin.

Another interesting fact about the letter O is that it is one of only four letters in the English alphabet that are doubled at the beginning of certain words. The other 3 letters are A, E, and L. Here are some examples: eel, eerie, eek, aardvark, llama, ooze, oodles, and oomph.

When it comes to kids learning the letter O, it can be a fun one! There are lots of cool words that start with the letter O, and there are even more where the letter is used. In our Letter O coloring bundle, you will be able to find coloring worksheets for Ox, Oak, Owl, Oven, Ocean, Olive, Onion, Otter, Orange, Orchid, Ostrich, Oatmeal, and Octopus.

Just like our other alphabet letters to print and color, each of these coloring sheets helps kids to recognize and learn both the lowercase and uppercase O-letter. They also have a picture of an object that begins with “O” along with a place where kids can practice tracing “O” before writing it themselves.

We’ve also included two “O” coloring worksheets where kids need to recognize and find the letter amongst other letters of the alphabet and where they have to match O-letter words with pictures.

Letter O Coloring Worksheets Included In This Bundle:

How To Download The Letter O Coloring Worksheets

To download the O-letter coloring worksheets and pages, click the button below. When you click the button, the coloring pages will open in a new tab. Alternatively, you can right-click on the button and choose “Save as…” to save a copy of the coloring sheets to your PC.

The worksheets are in PDF format, so they are easy to download and print.


Just like our other ABC coloring pictures, pages and worksheets, our O-letter coloring bundle make learning to recognize and write the letter O fun!