Letter I Coloring Pages (Free Printables)

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I’m not going to lie, creating Letter I coloring pages wasn’t as easy as I thought! While there are lots of words that do begin with the “I”, not many of them can be easily used on coloring pages! After some research, I found that only about 3.38% of English words begin with the letter I! And many of these words are not really things that can be easily used in coloring pages, for example, Inch, Itchy, Idea, Idol, etc.

Another interesting fact about “I” is that, unlike other vowels, it’s also not common to see “I” used back to back with itself. Two common examples include Hawaii and skiing, with a few really obscure words such as obiism, nauplii, and teiids.

For the English word geeks out there, here are the definitions for these unusual words:

Any of various lizards of the family Teiidae of the Americas, having a long forked tongue, a streamlined body, and large rectangular ventral scales, and including the whiptails and the racerunners.


The larva of many crustaceans, having a rounded unsegmented body with three paris of limbs.


Belief in any kind of socery that originated in Africa and is practiced in the West Indies.


So, after getting completely distracted by the interesting facts about the Letter I, it was back to creating the coloring pages! After much deliberation, these are the words I included in the coloring sheets: Ink, Ivy, Iron, Icing, Insect, Ice Cream, Island, Igloo, Iguana, and Instruments.

Just like our other alphabet ABC coloring pages, this bundle of free coloring sheets has coloring pages with both the uppercase and lowercase letter I, a picture of an object that begins with the letter I as well as a place for kids to practice tracing the letter I before writing it themselves. There is also a worksheet where they need to find and color only the I’s that they see as well as another worksheet where they need to match the I-letter words to the pictures of the objects that begin with the Letter I.

Letter I Coloring Pages & Worksheets Included In This Bundle

How To Download The Letter I Coloring Worksheets

To download the Letter I coloring page printables, please click the button below. The worksheets will open in a new tab. Alternatively, you can right-click the button and choose “Save as…” to save a copy to your PC.


Kids love alphabet coloring pages, they’re fun, they’re free, and they don’t require a lot of materials or a lot of skill. Just grab some crayons, and you’re good to go! If you enjoy our Letter I coloring pages please share them with your friends and family!

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