12 Letter J Coloring Pages & Worksheets (Free Printables)

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The letter J has a rather fascinating backstory—in fact, up until 1524, it didn’t even exist! An Italian scholar and writer by the name of Gian Giorgio Trissino invented the J-letter to differentiate between the sounds for the letter I and the letter J, which were being used interchangeably at the time. If you are able to get a copy of a very old dictionary, you will notice that there isn’t even a section for J!

Even more interesting is that Gian Giorgio Trissino was the first person to use the J for the spelling of Jesus. Up to that point, it was spelled with an I – Iesus which was a translation from the Hebrew, Yeshua.

Being “born” in 1524 makes the letter J the last letter to be added to the English alphabet. And, so far, there are 1414 words that begin with “J” according to wordfinders.com.

Another interesting fact about “J” is that it is the only letter that is not found on the periodic table! It is also one of the few letters of the alphabet where almost no English words end in “J”. There are a few exceptions, but these are mostly borrowed from other languages eg. Raj and Hadj—the letter “V” and the letter “U” are the only other two letters in the English alphabet that also don’t usually come at the end of words.

Because the letter I and the letter J look so similar, it can sometimes be tricky for kids to learn the difference between the two. We have created our J-letter coloring page bundle with this in mind. The bundle consists of 10 coloring pages, each showing the lowercase and uppercase “J”, along with a picture of an object that begins with “J”. Each page also has a section at the bottom where kids can trace uppercase and lowercase J along with a spot where they can practice it themselves.

The coloring page bundle also includes two worksheets. The first is a worksheet where kids need to identify and find the letter J in amongst other letters of the alphabet. The second worksheet needs kids to match letter J words with pictures of objects that begin with the letter J. And if you are looking for other ABC coloring pages, we’ve got you covered!

Letter J Coloring Pages & worksheets Included In This Bundle

How To Download The Letter J Coloring Sheets

You can download the J-letter coloring page printables by clicking the button below. The worksheets will open in a new tab. Alternatively, you can right-click the button and choose “Save as…” to save a copy to your PC.


We hope you enjoy printing and using our letter J coloring pages! Hopefully, they will not only keep your kids entertained for ages, but they will also help them learn to recognize the letter J. Don’t forget to check out our other free coloring pages and coloring books.