The Invisible Man – H.G. Wells

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The Invisible Man story is a science fiction suspense novel that was written by H.G. Wells in 1897. Just like The Time Machine, the Invisible Man is also a classic in the science fiction genre.

The Invisible Man book follows the story of a scientist by the name of Griffin who discovers a way to turn himself invisible. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to reverse the procedure so he learns to take advantage of his power by committing crimes while going undetected.  Download a free copy of The Invisible Man PDF by clicking the button below to find out what happens.

The Invisible Man PDF | Free Download & Summary

The Invisible Man PDF Book Download

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Is The Invisible Man PDF Free To Download?

Yes, it is! The Invisible Man story was written by H.G. Wells in 1897 so it is in the public domain. You are therefore welcome to download the PDF and read it for free. We hope you enjoy it!

The Invisible Man Book Summary

The story of The Invisible Man begins on a winter night in Iping, a small English village in West Sussex.  A mysterious stranger arrives at a local inn called “Coach and Horses” during a snowstorm and books into a room.  He is dressed from head to toe in heavy clothing with his face completely hidden by bandages.  He is also wearing gloves and a prosthetic nose which he tries to hide with a wide-brimmed hat.  His name is Griffin and he is very rude and unfriendly and demands that nobody disturbs him.  He never leaves his room during the day and only goes out at night. 

He sets up a makeshift laboratory in his room and strange shipments of glass bottles begin arriving for him.  The townspeople become more and more curious about him and begin to speculate about what sort of accident left him unwilling to expose any part of his body.

Time passes and we discover that Griffin is running short on money so he isn’t able to pay for his accommodation.  In the meanwhile, there is a burglary at the vicar’s house in the village and the townspeople begin speculating on whether Griffin could be the thief.  The owners of the inn, Mr. and Mrs. Hall notice that Griffin is not in his room so they sneak in to investigate.  Suddenly furniture and clothing in the room start moving around the room and Mrs. Hall is terrified believing that the room is haunted. 

The next day, Griffin tells Mrs. Hall that he wants to pay his bill which makes everyone even more suspicious because he wasn’t able to pay previously.  The people begin to accuse him of being the thief that broke into the vicar’s house and he becomes furious.  He begins removing his clothing revealing that he is completely invisible.  Panic ensues and the police are called.  A constable by the name of Bobby Jaffers tries to arrest Griffin but he is badly injured and Griffin manages to escape.

After his escape, he meets a man by the name of Thomas Marvel.  He threatens Marvel forcing him to help him.  They return to the inn to collect Griffin’s notebooks.  There is chaos as the two try to retrieve the notebooks. Marvel tries to leave Griffin but Griffin threatens to kill him.  

One day Marvel manages to escape to a bar called “Jolly Cricketers” and tries to find help.  The Invisible Man follows him and attacks him but he is shot by an American with a gun. Fortunately for Griffin, it is just a superficial wound.

He flees to the house of an old medical school colleague by the name of Dr. Kemp whom he went to school with.  At first, Dr. Kemp is terrified but soon calms down and offers Griffin clothes and whiskey.

The following day Griffin tells how he left medical school to devote himself to studying optics.  He robbed his father to fund his research.  However, because the money that he stole didn’t belong to his father, his father ended up shooting himself in despair.  Griffin admitted not feeling much sympathy or guilt over his father’s death.

After his father’s death, Griffin continued his research eventually managing to turn a stray cat invisible.  After a fight with his landlord, he decided to turn himself invisible as well.  Initially, he enjoyed living as the invisible man but soon discovered that it was very difficult living that way so he began researching how to reverse the process.

During his conversation with Kemp, we start to realize that Griffin has begun to lose his mind suggesting a “reign of terror” with the help of Kemp who unbeknownst to Griffin has already contacted the police.

“Not wanton killing, but a judicious slaying. The point is, they know there is an Invisible Man—as well as we know there is an Invisible Man. And that Invisible Man, Kemp, must now establish a Reign of Terror. Yes; no doubt it’s startling. But I mean it. A Reign of Terror. He must take some town like your Burdock and terrify and dominate it. He must issue his orders. He can do that in a thousand ways—scraps of paper thrust under doors would suffice. And all who disobey his orders he must kill, and kill all who would defend them.”

The Invisible Man | H.G. Wells

In the meantime, the police arrive at the house but Griffin once again manages to escape. He kills an old man by the name of Wickstead with an iron rod.

The townspeople start locking up their houses and securing their food so that Griffin isn’t able to find food or shelter.  He sends Dr. Kemp a letter threatening him and the town.

The game is only beginning. There is nothing for it, but to start the Terror. This announces the first day of the Terror. Port Burdock is no longer under the Queen, tell your Colonel of Police, and the rest of them; it is under me—the Terror! This is day one of year one of the new epoch—the Epoch of the Invisible Man. I am Invisible Man the First. To begin with the rule will be easy. The first day there will be one execution for the sake of example—a man named Kemp. Death starts for him to-day. He may lock himself away, hide himself away, get guards about him, put on armour if he likes—Death, the unseen Death, is coming.

The Invisible Man | H.G. Wells

Griffin tries to attack Kemp at his home but by now the townspeople are all trying to catch Griffin.  Finally, Griffin is surrounded by workmen who manage to knock him down. They beat him with their shovels but despite what has happened, Dr. Kemp tries to save him.  When the workmen finally stop their attack there is silence. Slowly they see the battered body of the invisible man becoming visible again revealing the body of a 30-year-old albino man with red eyes.

At the end of the story, we learn that Marvel still secretly has Griffin’s notebooks.  He has used the money that he got from Griffin to open an inn named “The Invisible Man” and he has become well respected in the community.  When he isn’t working in his inn he is studying Griffin’s notes.

The Invisible Man Movie Adaptations

The Invisible Man has a few movie adaptations that use H.G. Well’s story as their inspiration. We found a really good compilation of the movies done to date. The compilation features the following movies:

  • The Invisible Man – 1933 – Directed by James Well
  • The Invisible Man Returns – 1940 – Directed By Joe Mey
  • The Invisible Woman – 1940 – Directed by Advard Sazerland
  • Invisible Agent – 1942 – Directed by Advin Marin
  • The Invisible Man’s Revenge – 1944 – Directed by Ford Bibi
  • The Invisible Man – 1984 – Directed By Aleksandr Saharov – Russian adaptation (Russian: Человек-невидимка)
  • The Invisible Man – 1984 – Produced By Barry Letts – TV Series (6 episodes)
  • Memories Of An Invisible Man – 1992 – Directed by John Carpenter
  • Invisible: The Chronicles Of Benjamin Knight – 1993 – Directed By Jack Esgard
  • Hollow Man – 2000 – Directed by Pol Verhoven
  • Hollow Man 2 – 2006 – Directed by Claudio Fäh
  • The Invisible Man – 2020 – Directed by Leigh Whannell


The Invisible Man is a must-read book for sci-fi fans and especially those who love H.G. Wells. Download a free copy of The Invisible Man PDF here.

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