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The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher – Free PDF Download

The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher is another one of Beatrix Potter’s gorgeous children’s bedtimes stories that she published in 1906. Just like her other books, this one is also illustrated by Beatrix herself. it is said that Jeremy’s character was inspired by Beatrix’s father who was a keen fisherman and took Beatrix fishing with him from a young age.

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher PDF explores the story of Jeremy Fisher who goes on a fishing trip hoping to catch some fish so that he can invite his friends over for dinner. Along the way, he almost gets eaten by a fish and decides fishing might not be the best idea after all!

The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher PDF

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Is The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher Free To Download?

Yes, it is! Beatrix Potter published The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher children’s bedtime story in 1906 and it is now in the public domain. It is therefore completely free to download and read. We hope you enjoy it!

The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher Q&A

The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher Summary

Mr. Jeremy Fisher is a frog who lives in a little damp house on the edge of a pond. One day he is pleased to see that it is raining and he decides to go catch some minnows for dinner. He decides that if he can catch more than five fish that he will invite his friends over to share in his dinner.

He puts on his macintosh and sets off and soon arrives at his boat, which very much looks like a lily leaf. He uses a reed pole to push himself out into the open water until he finds a good place to fish. Once settled, he casts his line out into the water but after a while, he becomes bored and decides he would like some of the sandwiches he made for lunch.

After lunch, he casts his line out again and this time he gets a bite almost immediately! He is very excited and tries to pull the fish in. However, he realizes that he has caught a stickleback that is covered in spines instead of a minnow. The stickleback manages to escape and a group of little fish stick their heads out of the water and laugh at poor Mr. Jeremy Fisher!

All of a sudden an enormous trout comes out of the water and grabs Jeremy! The trout dives deep into the water with Jeremy in his mouth. But the trout so dislikes the taste of Jeremy’s macintosh that he spits him out and Jeremy swims as quickly as he can to the edge of the pond. He realizes that he has lost his fishing rod and his lunch basket but decides that he won’t need them again because he will never go fishing again!

Later in the day, Jeremy’s friends come over for lunch. But instead of a plate of minnow for dinner, the friends enjoy roasted grasshopper with ladybird sauce.

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In this episode of The World Of Peter Rabbit and Friends, we follow the combined bedtime stories of The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher.


The Tale Of Mr. Jeremy Fisher is another beautifully illustrated Beatrix Potter book that children love! You can download The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher PDF to share with your kids at bedtime.

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