27+ Free Children’s Books & Bedtime Stories (Free PDF Downloads)

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Reading is probably one of the most important skills kids can learn and it plays a major part in success at school and in life in general – (if your kids are just starting to learn their ABCs, be sure to check out our free alphabet and ABC coloring pages!)

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.

Walt Disney

By reading children’s books to kids from a very young age you not only encourage a love for reading and storybooks, but you also help them develop their language skills and vocabulary, as well as improve concentration and imagination. These skills serve children incredibly well as they get older and become more independent!

We believe that all kids and their parents should have access to easily accessible, and high-quality free children’s books and kids’ bedtime stories to read and enjoy!

Not so long ago, you either had to buy a storybook or you could borrow one from the library. However, these days excellent free English children’s books are just one click away and they can easily be downloaded to your phone, computer, or tablet in PDF format to enjoy.

We are putting together a collection of our favorite free kids’ bedtime stories and children’s books for you to download in PDF format and share with your kids. Each book we select is in the public domain, so you can download and enjoy them for free! We really hope you enjoy them!

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Free English Children’s Books & Bedtime Stories