The Emperor’s New Clothes – Hans Christian Andersen

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The Emperor’s New Clothes story is a famous fairy tale that was written by Hans Christian Anderson, with this particular version of the story being published in 1915. It follows the story of a rather vain and prideful emperor who is very preoccupied with his appearance.

The story begins with two cunning weavers who arrive in the emperor’s kingdom and promise to make him the most extraordinary clothing with an amazing ability. The ability? They will appear invisible to anyone who is a fool! Follow along as the emperor and all his subjects are too scared to admit the truth, that the emperor, in fact, is wearing no clothes!

The Emperor's New Clothes Story

This classic fairy tale reminds us of the dangers of vanity and how the truth can easily be manipulated. It warns that appearances can be deceiving and that it is always good to question and challenge popular narratives no matter how much you think you might be criticized.

The Emperor’s New Clothes story is a fun read for all ages and it is a story that continues to be a favorite among young and old!

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