Tom Thumb – Brothers Grimm

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Get ready for an exciting adventure with a tiny hero called Tom Thumb! Tom Thumb is an exciting fairy tale that was written by the Brothers Grimm. Along with The Frog Prince and Rapunzel, it was published in a book called Household Stories in 1812 (download a copy of The Golden Goose PDF by clicking the button down below).

The story of Tom Thumb introduces us to a boy by the name of Tom who is no bigger than a thumb! Despite being very small Tom has an indomitable spirit and a knack for getting himself into trouble. From the moment he’s born he finds himself embarking on a series of Incredible adventures that are sure to leave you entertained!

In his adventures, Tom meets many different animals and larger-than-life characters. By using his cunning, he cleverly makes his way through the world even though he’s so small. Along the way, Tom learns that his small size is actually his greatest asset as he overcomes challenges that prove that size is not important.

In the story of Tom Thumb we learn about resilience, resourcefulness, and determination, and let’s not forget about quick thinking!

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