The Little Mermaid – Hans Christian Andersen

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The Little Mermaid was written by the renowned Danish author and storyteller Hans Christian Andersen along with many other amazing stories and fairy tales such as “The Ugly Duckling“. Although it was written way back in the early 1900s it was made popular by Disney’s 1989 classic “The Little Mermaid” which many of us grew up with!

The Little Mermaid Story In PDF Format

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, it follows the story of a young mermaid who longs for a life beyond the sea. She is drawn to the human world and wants nothing more to explore the leave the ocean to explore it. One day she makes the decision to exchange her beautiful voice for human legs so that she can leave the ocean.

This version of the story was published in a book called, “Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales” and it is the original full-text version of the story that was published by Hans Christian Andersen. Just like Disney’s version it teaches us about love, sacrifice and discovery as well as the challenges that come with our quests for happiness!

The Little Mermaid PDF Download

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