My Father’s Dragon – Ruth Stiles Gannett

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My Father’s Dragon is an all-time favorite classic bedtime story among kids of all ages, especially those children who love cute bedtime stories with dragons! Download a copy of our My Father’s Dragon PDF to share with your kids!

My Father’s Dragon was written by Ruth Stiles Gannett in 1948 and its gorgeous illustrations were done by her stepmother, Ruth Chrisman Gannet. The book has won many awards and was even adapted into a Japanese animé movie in 1997. In 2007 it was also voted as one of the “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children”.

This wonderful bedtime story begins when young Elmer Elevator meets an alley cat who he decides to take home. His mom isn’t very happy however and she won’t allow Elmer to adopt the cat. Elmer and the alley cat stay friends and one day the cat tells Elmer about a faraway island where a dragon is being held captive and kept as a slave. Elmer vows to rescue the poor dragon and he travels to the island to try to help him. My Father’s Dragon follows Elmer on his exciting journey – a truly wonderful dragon bedtime story!

My Father’s Dragon PDF

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Is The My Father’s Dragon PDF Free To Download?

Yes, it is! Ruth Stiles Gannet published the book in 1948 and it is now in the public domain so it is completely free to download and read.

This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1927 and 1963, and although there may or may not have been a copyright notice, the copyright was not renewed.

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My Father’s Dragon Q&A

What Reading Level Is My Father’s Dragon?

This wonderful dragon bedtime story is perfect for children from about the age of 3 and it can be read independently by children from about grade 2 or 3.

How Many Chapters Are There In My Father’s Dragon?

There are only 10 short chapters in the book:

  • My Father Meets The Cat
  • My Father Runs Away
  • My Father Finds The Island
  • My Father Finds The River
  • My Father Meets Some Tigers
  • My Father Meets A Rhinoceros
  • My Father Meets A Lion
  • My Father Meets A Gorilla
  • My Father Makes A Bridge
  • My Father Finds The Dragon

Who Is Telling The Story In My Father’s Dragon?

The story is told by a narrator who calls Elmer Elevator his father. Elmer Elevator is the main character in the bedtime story so we can assume that the story is being told by either Elmer’s son or daughter.

What Type Of Book Is My Father’s Dragon?

It is a children’s non-fiction fairytale type book that would fall into the fantasy fiction genre. It is especially loved by children who love bedtime stories with dragons!

How Long Is My Father’s Dragon?

It will usually take the average reader about 1.5 hours to read the book.

How Old Is Elmer In My Father’s Dragon?

Elmer Elevator is 9 years old when he meets the old alley cat.

My Father's Dragon PDF Bedtime Story

What Is The Name Of The Dragon In My Father’s Dragon?

The dragon’s name is Boris The Dragon.

Is My Father’s Dragon A Series?

Yes! There are three books in the My Fathers Dragon Series: My Father’s Dragon, Elmer And The Dragon, and The Dragons Of Blueland.


My Father’s Dragon is a classic bedtime story that is especially loved by children who love adventure bedtime stories with dragons! You can download a copy of the My Father’s Dragon PDF here to share with your kids.

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