The Shepherdess And The Chimney Sweep – Hans Christian Andersen

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“The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep” is a charming short story written by Hans Christian Andersen. The original fairy tale was first published in 1845 and it tells the story of two porcelain figurines – one a shepherdess and one a chimney sweep.

The Shepherdess And The Chimney Sweep Story

The shepherdess and the chimney sweep love each other dearly but one day, another figurine, who claims to be the shepherdess’s grandfather, decides that he would like her to marry a hideous carved wooden figurine.

The shepherdess is so unhappy that she asks the chimney sweep to help her escape. They leave hoping to find a new place to live where she won’t be forced to marry the wooden figurine.

Follow along as they journey to find a new home and ultimately their happily ever after!

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