Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenston

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If Dracula was the inspiration for all things the vampire then Treasure Island is certainly the inspiration for all things pirate! It was written by Robert Louis Stevenston in 1881 and was first published in a children’s magazine and later released as a book. It has captured the imagination of millions of people over the years and has had a major influence on popular culture including being the inspiration for many amazing stories such as The Pirates Of The Caribbean.

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Yes, it is! Robert Louis Stevenson first published Treasure Island in 1881 so it is in the public domain. You are therefore welcome to download and read it for free. We hope you enjoy it!

Treasure Island Summary

The story of Treasure Island takes place in the mid-1800s and is about a teenage boy named Jim Hawkins who lives with his mother and father at the family’s inn near the town of Bristol in England. Jim’s father is very ill and is being treated by Dr. Livesay. Unfortunately, he dies near the beginning of the book.

One night a drunken sailor named Billy Bones arrives to rent a room at the inn. He’s very loud and he warns Jim to beware of “a one-legged man seafaring man”.

One day, Billy Bones is visited by a couple of buccaneers who threaten to kill him. They reveal that Billy Bones was first mate to the notorious pirate, Captain Flint. Shortly thereafter, Billy Bones dies of a stroke. Jim searches through his belongings and finds a treasure map to Flint’s treasure. The buccaneers break into the inn and try to find the map, but Jim and his mother hide safely.

Jim takes the map and seeks the help of Dr. Livesey. A local nobleman by the name of Squire Trelawney decides to buy a ship, the Hispaniola, and he hires a crew to go in search of the treasure. He decides to take Jim along as a cabin boy with his mother staying behind to watch over the inn.

Along with Jim, Dr. Livesey is hired as the ship’s Doctor, Captain Smollett is hired as the ship’s captain, and a one-legged man named Long John Silver is hired as the ship’s cook. Captain Smollett doesn’t trust the crew and is very suspicious of their motives.

When the journey begins, Jim is befriended by Long John Silver who is smart and very witty and Jim almost begins to trust him. However, one day Jim overhears Long John Silver talking to a few others about their plan to kill the Captain and the Squire so that they can get the treasure themselves.

Jim warns Captain Smollett and they prepare for a fight just as the island is spotted on the horizon. Pretending that he doesn’t know their plans, Captain Smollett allows Long John Silver and some of the crew to spend the afternoon on the island. Jim sneaks to shore on a boat and there he sees the mutineers kill two men who refuse to join them. He runs away quickly and hides.

While hiding on the island Jim finds a man by the name of Ben Gunn. He tells Jim that he was marooned there years ago by Captain Flint. Captain Flint is the same man who Billy Bones and Long John Silver sailed with. Ben Gunn offers to help fight the mutineers in return for safe passage home and a share of the treasure.

Meanwhile, Captain Smollett, Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and some others get on a boat and row to the island to escape the mutiny by Long John’s men aboard the Hispaniola. They find an Island Fortress and reunite with Jim. They hide there with Jim and Ben awaiting the attack by Long John Silver and the Pirates.

In the meantime the mutineers hoist a pirate’s flag, sometimes called the Jolly Rodger, over there Hispaniola.

After the Pirates fire on the fortress, Long John Silver appears and wants to talk terms, but Captain Smollett refuses. The Pirates attack again and Captain Smollett is wounded and many of the Pirates are killed.

That night Jim sneaks away from the fortress and takes Ben Gunn’s homemade boat out to the Hispaniola.
There are only two pirates still on board but they are very drunk. Jim manages to cut the Anchor ropes and let the tide carry the boat out. Unfortunately, Jim is also set adrift by the current. When he manages to get back to the Hispaniola he finds that one pirate has killed the other during a drunken squabble. Jim is forced to shoot the remaining pirate in self-defense. He takes control of the ship and sails it back towards the Island to help the others.

Jim returns to the fortress expecting to find the captain and the doctor. Instead, he is greeted by Long John Silver and the pirates. Long John Silver tells Jim that the captain and the doctor traded the treasure map in exchange for their freedom.

The next morning Long John Silver and the other pirates take Jim with them as they go in search of the treasure. They follow the treasure map but when they arrive in the area where the treasure should be they discover that it has already been dug up.

The pirates then realize why Captain Smollett was willing to give them the treasure map without a fight. When they realize that the treasure is gone they begin to fight and they turn on Long John Silver.

Doctor Livesey and Ben Gunn suddenly appear and they rescue Jim along with Long John Silver having seen him protecting Jim in an earlier battle. The group travels to the safety of Benn Gunn’s cave where he has stashed the treasure after having dug it up himself months before.

The group manages to load the treasure onto the Hispaniola and sail away from the island leaving the remaining pirates behind.

During the journey home, Long John escapes on a boat with a sack of gold. At the end of the book, they all return to England and split the treasure vowing never to follow treasure maps again!

Treasure Island Movies And Adaptations

There have been many Treasure Island movies, TV series, theatre productions, books, comics, and even video games made over the years both in English as well as many foreign languages. The most notable English films created include:

  • 1918 – Treasure Island – Silent film directed by Sidney Franklin.
  • 1920 – Treasure Island – Silent film directed by Maurice Tourneur.
  • 1934 – Treasure Island – The first film produced with sound.
  • 1950 – Treasure Island – The first film produced in color. It was also Walt Disney Studios’ first live-action film.
  • 1972 – Treasure Island – Directed by John Hough.
  • 1990 – Treasure Island – A made-for-TV movie directed by Fraser Heston.
  • 1996 – Muppet Treasure Island – Another Walt Disney Studios production.
  • 1999 – Treasure Island – Directed by Peter Rowe.
  • 2002 – Treasure Planet – Yet another Walt Disney Studios production that is set in space rather than out at sea.

Treasure Planet | 2002 Official Trailer


Treasure Island is an awesome adventure story filled with action and excitement. Written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1881 it is one of his most famous books and has been read and enjoyed by generations. It is definitely worth downloading and reading our Treasure Island PDF if you haven’t done so already!

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