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The Tale Of Tom Kitten is another very cute bedtime story written by Beatrix Potter. It was published in 1907 for the first time and has been translated into several other languages since then. The Tale Of Tom Kitten PDF follows the story of Tom Kitten and his sisters who ruin their clothes before their mother’s tea party with her friends.

The Tale Of Tom Kitten PDF

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Is The Tale Of Tom Kitten Free To Download?

Yes, it is! The Tale of Tom Kitten bedtime story was published by Beatrix Potter in 1907 and it is now in the public domain. You are therefore welcome to download and read it for free. We hope you enjoy it!

The Tale Of Tom Kitten Summary

Tom Kitten’s mother, Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit, has invited her friends over for tea. She would like her three kittens to be properly neat and dressed before they arrive. She brings Tom and his two sisters, Moppet and Mittens, inside to dress and groom them. However, Tom is very naughty and scratches his mom!

Mrs. Tabitha dresses Moppet and Mittens first but when she gets to Tom she finds that he has grown and his clothes don’t fit him anymore. A couple of his buttons burst off and she has to sew them on again.

When the kittens are finally ready for the guests she sends them outside to play in the garden while she finishes getting ready. She tells them to make sure that they keep clean and tidy. However, it isn’t long before the kitten’s clothes are all dirty!

The kittens decide to sit on the garden wall but as they jump up one of Moppet’s white tuckers falls down onto the road. Tom isn’t able to get up because his clothes are so tight so Moppet and Mittens pull him up. As he is being pulled up his hat falls off into the road and all the rest of his buttons burst off.

Just then, three ducks come waddling past and they stop and look at the kittens. They notice the clothes laying on the ground so they pick them up and put them on. The kittens find this incredibly funny and laugh so hard that Mittens falls off the wall. Tom and Moppet follow her down and ask the ducks to help them dress Tom again.

The ducks collect the clothing but to the kitten’s surprise, they put the clothes on themselves!

Just then Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit comes down the garden path and finds the kittens with no clothes on. She is angry and she gives them a smack before taking them back to the house.

She tells the kittens that when her guests arrive they must stay in their room upstairs and not be seen. She decides to lie and tell her friends that the kittens have measles and are in bed.

However, soon there are loud noises coming from the upstairs bedroom and the kittens manage to disturb the tea party anyway.

Beatrix Potter finishes her story by telling us that as soon as the ducks get to their pond, all the clothes that they had taken come off because they have no buttons. The ducks have been looking for them ever since!

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Just like Beatrix Potter’s other bedtime stories, The Story of Tom Kitten was also beautifully illustrated by Beatrix Potter herself. Download a PDF copy of The Tale Of Tom Kitten to share with your kids at bedtime.

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