The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny – Beatrix Potter

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The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny is a wonderful children’s bedtime story that was written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter in 1904. It is the sequel to The Tale of Peter Rabbit and it follows along as Peter and his cousin Benjamin, return to Mr. McGregor’s garden to try to find the clothing that Peter Rabbit lost in the first book. Download The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny PDF to follow along in their adventure!

The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny PDF

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Is The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny Free To Download?

Yes, it is! Beatrix Potter published The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny bedtime story in 1904 and it is now in the public domain so it is completely free to download and read.

The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny Q&A

The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny Summary

One day Peter Rabbit’s cousin, Benjamin Bunny sees that Mr. and Mrs. McGregor are going out for the day. He hops over to Peter’s house and finds Peter sitting outside wrapped in a red handkerchief instead of his clothes. Peter tells Benjamin about his close call in Mr. McGregor’s garden and how he lost his coat and shoes while trying to get away.

The two little rabbits decide to go to the garden to see if they can find Peter’s clothes. When they get to the garden they see Mr. McGregor’s scarecrow wearing Peter’s clothes. They take the clothes off the scarecrow and Peter quickly gets dressed. Benjamin then takes Peter’s handkerchief and begins filling it with onions for Peter’s mother.

Peter starts becoming nervous about being in Mr. McGregor’s garden again and when he hears a noise they stop to investigate. They peep around the corner and see a sleeping cat. Peter and Benjamin quickly hide under a big basket. The cat wakes up and promptly sits on top of the basket and traps Peter and Benjamin inside!

Later in the afternoon, Benjamin’s father, Mr. Benjamin Bunny starts looking for his son. He knocks the cat off of the basket and chases her into the greenhouse where he locks her inside. He rescues Peter and Benjamin from under the basket and although he is happy that they are both safe, he gives them both a good hiding!

When Peter gets home, he gives his mother the onions that they picked for her. She is very happy that he managed to find his clothes and forgives him for his adventure into Mr. McGregor’s garden.

When Mr. and Mrs. McGregor arrive home, they are puzzled by the scarecrow’s clothes that are missing and the cat that has managed to lock herself into the greenhouse.

What Relation Is Benjamin Bunny To Peter Rabbit?

Benjamin Bunny is Peter Rabbit’s cousin. Old Mr. Benjamin Bunny (the rabbit who saved them) is Benjamin’s father and Peter’s uncle – Peter Rabbit’s mother’s brother. Peter Rabbit’s mom’s name is Josephine Rabbit.

What Happened To Peter Rabbit’s Father?

In Beatrix Potter’s books, we are told that Peter’s father was killed and that he was put into a pie that Mrs. McGregor made.

The World Of Peter Rabbit & Friends – The Tale Of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny

The World Of Peter Rabbit and Friends is an animated series that was based on Beatrix Potter’s books. There were 9 episodes altogether. This is the episode that combines The Tale Of Peter Rabbit and The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny.


The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny is the sequel to Beatrix Potter’s The Tale Of Peter Rabbit and it is just as cute and just as beautifully illustrated as the first story! Download a copy of The Tale Of Benjamin Bunny PDF to share with your children at bedtime!