12 Coloring Pages for the Letter H (Printable PDF Bundle)

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Did you know that the letter H is not only the 8th letter of the English alphabet but that it is also the 8th most commonly used letter as well? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed!

The reason that it is so widely used is because it is often used in words where it pairs with other letters such as ch, sh, wh and gh. Think of words such as sheet, sheep, chips, champion, what, why, and ghost. In all these cases, the H letter really doesn’t sound anything like H, and it also changes the sound of the letter it is paired with. This can mean that it is sometimes tricky for kids to learn these words.

In this article, you’ll find 12 letter H coloring pages that are perfect for preschoolers. We’ve included the words Horse, House, Hat, Hippo, Hen, Hammer, Hand, Helicopter, Hamburger, and Heart. We’ve also included two worksheets to help your kids find the letter H as well as match H-letter words with pictures of objects that begin with the letter H.

If you find these coloring pages helpful, let us know and we can add sh, wh, and gh word coloring pages to our collection as well! Also, be sure not to miss any other free alphabet coloring page bundles in our collection!

Letter H Coloring Pages & Worksheets Included In This Bundle

How To Download The Letter H Coloring Pages

To download the Letter H coloring page printables, please click the button below. The worksheets will open in a new tab. Alternatively, you can right-click the button and choose “Save as…” to save a copy to your PC.


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