What Colors Go Well In A Gray Bathroom? 11+ Gray Bathroom Ideas To Inspire You!

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When you walk into a bathroom, color is often one of the first things you notice—sometimes before you even notice the interior design and layout! When it comes to designing and choosing a color for a bathroom, some might say that gray is outdated or boring, but as you will see, it is far from either of these! Gray is often a popular choice because it is a cool and calm color that is versatile enough to be used for all kinds of bathroom designs and spaces, from walls to floors to vanities, tiles, and fixtures.

But what other colors go well with gray, and is gray a good choice for you? If you aren’t sure, then this article is for you! Let’s take a look at some gorgeous gray bathroom ideas, bathroom designs, and color combinations that will hopefully inspire you and help you to create a beautiful gray bathroom that you will love! With each example, we have included a hex color palette to help you see what the main colors are that have been used in each bathroom design.

If you would like to create your own color palettes from photos and designs you love, give our Color Palette Generator a try!

1. Gray and White Bathroom


Gray and white bathrooms are timeless and never seem to go out of style. And as you can see from the master bedroom bathroom design in the image, there is nothing outdated or boring about this gray bathroom! Dark gray cabinets combine perfectly with the white bath, vanity tops, door and mirror frames, and baseboard trim. The light gray bathroom paint blends well with the floor tiles and the lighter trimmings in the bathroom. The gray bathroom throw carpets and towels bring a little softness to the room.

2. Gray and Light Aqua Bathroom


While the colors in this bathroom design are very similar to the previous one, the overall design is much lighter and brighter because of the lighter gray bathroom cabinets that the designer has used. This bathroom is also a bit more open with lots of natural light! The marble floor tiles and a light aqua linen wallpaper blend seamlessly into each other, and the brown wicker laundry basket adds a bit of texture and contrast to the design.

3. Gray and Blue Bathroom – Blue Walls with Gray Cabinets


This lovely color scheme beautifully showcases the contrast between the main light gray bathroom cabinet and the blue walls. The gray cabinets and the mirror frame pull their color from the floor tiles, which contrasts with the white corner cabinet, window, and vanity countertop trim.

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4. Gray and Blue Bathroom – Gray Walls with Blue Cabinets


Blue cabinets with gray marble vanity countertops combine to create a beautifully contrasted blue and gray bathroom color palette. The silver door and vanity handles match perfectly with the silver plumbing fixtures especially when paired with the patterned bathroom floor tiles and light gray wall paint.

5. Gray and Brown Bathroom


In this beautiful classic master bathroom design, the dark wood vanity bathroom cabinets, and mirror frame are sharply contrasted against the light grays of the wall and floor tiles. The wall and floor tiles perfectly complement the bathroom cabinet countertop. Stark white accessories and fittings add to the contrast, giving the color scheme a modern, crisp, clean look! The brushed brass plumbing fixtures also add to the design feel.

6. Dark Gray and Brown Bathroom


This striking dark gray bathroom design uses black fixtures rather than white, which beautifully complements the modern color palette. The wooden vanity bathroom cabinets with gray countertops add interest and create a stunning contrast to the otherwise darker design. Big windows with dark frames invite lots of natural light into the bathroom, with the two hanging bathroom sconces adding interest and a modern feel to this bathroom design. This sleek design is definitely not an outdated gray bathroom design!

7. Light Gray and Green Bathroom


Green is becoming a popular color to pair with gray in modern bathrooms. This beautiful light and airy design, with its light gray tiles, white trim, and green paint color, creates a calm and serene bathroom that is almost spa-like, inviting you to relax and unwind with a book in the tub at the end of a busy day! The design and color scheme invite lots of natural light into the bathroom, while a dark wood vanity and a black wrought iron chair add contrast and interest to this master bathroom.

8. Gray and Red Bathroom


A gray and red bathroom color palette is an awesome option if you love bold, modern design! This bathroom design perfectly contrasts the red feature wall color with the gray floor tiles and gray walls. The contrasting white fittings, fixtures, and accessories add to the sleek, clean look of this bathroom.

9. Gray and Pink Bathroom


This beautiful romantic bathroom design is perfect for anyone who loves dusty pinks paired with grays! And the best part is that it isn’t too hard to achieve this look with a step-by-step tutorial by Melanie Jade Design on how to paint your bath. What an ingenious idea for how to spruce up your bathroom without a huge budget!

10. Gray and Beige Bathroom


Gray and beige are an interesting color combination for a master bathroom. Both colors are calming and soothing, and when paired with the dark contrast of the dark wood bathroom cabinet, mirror frame, and towels, they add depth and contrast in the bathroom.

11. Gray and Purple Bathroom


This gorgeous gray and purple bathroom design is beautiful, especially with its focus on the clawfoot bath and stunning wallpaper feature wall behind the toilet. The gray flooring adds a solid base to the design, while the crystal chandelier adds to the feeling of old school glamour! This color scheme also invites lots of natural light into the room.

12. Gray and Orange Bathroom


When first putting this article together, I honestly hadn’t even thought of combining gray and orange in a bathroom. However, I must say that after looking at many different gray and orange bathroom designs, this combination is quickly becoming a favorite! Check out our article about colorful kid’s bathroom ideas to see another gray and orange bathroom design that is stunning!

13. Gray and Yellow Bathroom


The glossy yellow tiled wall is striking against the light gray floor tiles in this beautiful bathroom! You just can’t not feel happy and awake bathing in this tub!

14. Black and Gray Bathroom


Black and gray bathrooms are an awesome choice if you love modern, sleep bathroom design. Be careful though, a black and gray bathroom can be quite dark without the correct lighting! If you would like more black and gray bathroom ideas check out our top choices: Black and Gray Bathrooms – 15+ Awesome Inspirational Ideas


What colors go well in a gray bathroom? Blue, white, brown, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange and everything in between! And don’t be fooled into thinking gray is outdated or even boring. Gray is such a beautiful, neutral color that it is easy to pair it with just about any color and, depending on how you use it, it is sleek and modern! So depending on your personality and the mood you are trying to create you can really be creative and enjoy experimenting with combining gray with color.